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Hair Loss and Aspartame



Aspartame and hair loss - aspartame may cause hair loss. Aspartame is found in Many “diet” products have Aspartame in them as sweeteners. Many people report a loss of hair while using products containing the synthetic sweetener. Dallas, TX hair restoration expert advice: "if you have hair loss, consult with your doctor about the best option for you." “Hair loss should be controlled, once you see an abnormal rate of hair fall,” says Marvin Friedman at Nu Hair of Dallas, TX hair restoration center. 

FDA Research On Aspartame and Hair Loss

Connection Between Aspartame and Hair Loss: Researchers find that many environmental toxins link to hair loss. Aspartame is a favorite sweetener included in many food products. It is known to have many detrimental consequences on the body. And there seems to be growing support for the association between Aspartame and sudden, unexplained loss of hair. The FDA listed 92 adverse reactions associated with aspartame. These include memory loss, confusion, depression, anxiety attacks, hair loss, thinning and baldness.

The National Institutes of Health had cataloged 167 adverse effects linked to aspartame use. Some of the of them are anxiety attacks, binge eating, congenital disabilities, blurred vision, chest pain, depression, dizziness and vertigo, fatigue, headaches and migraines, hearing loss, heart palpitations, and more. Watch out for diet soda, which has a considerable amount of Aspartame.

Avoid Hair Loss By Reducing Diet Drinks With Aspartame - Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX hair restoration specialist, Marvin Friedman, understands that it can be extremely catastrophic to see rapid hair falling out. He suggests that you may want to consider stopping diet beverages due to the aspartame content. Stop your hair loss, and other health risks as well. Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that hair loss may affect how you feel about yourself. Hair loss psychological damage is just as devastating as any severe disease, taking an emotional toll that can directly affect physical health, according to to the American Hair Loss Association. Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration team is helping men and women from around the world affected by hair loss. Under the board-certified medical doctor guidance, Nu Hair of Texas team is assisting men and women regenerate new hair growth with the medical MEP-90 laser hair therapy. Stop hair fall and grow new hair. CONTACT US for your hair restoration consultation. It’s private, and there is "no pressure!"

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