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Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Treatments

Medical alopecia hair loss treatment Dallas Fort Worth hair loss treatments

What is Alopecia Areata Disease?

You are not alone if you are having hair loss or baldness due to alopecia areata. Men, women and even children may experience hair loss alopecia at anytime in their lives.  

  • Alopecia is a non life-threatening hair loss medical condition which causes hair to fall out in clumps and causes bald spots
  • The condition often progresses to complete hair loss. 
  • Some lose their hair with bald spots in certain areas and others with thinning hair all over.

What causes alopecia areata hair loss?

  • The causes of alopecia areata are still uncertain. Most doctors believe that the body's autoimmune system attacks its own hair follicles, causing alopecia hair loss medical condition
  • The immune system of the body mistakenly stops hair growth for unknown reasons
  • Hair lost of alopecia areata is most frequently associated with thyroid disease
  •  Hair re-growth usually is seen within 6 months, but if there is no hair growth within a year, then it is unlikely that any hair re-growth will ever come back. There are no medical hair loss therapy that will bring your hair back after such length of time, only cosmetic hair loss products will

The various Alopecia conditions are: Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, and Alopecia Universal. Alopecia totalis and alopecia universal are extreme cases of this medical condition. Alopecia totalis is total hair loss of the scalp. alopecia universal is loss of all body hair, including eyelashes, eyebrows and pubic hair.

Is there a cure for alopecia areata hair loss?

Presently, there is no available hair loss medical cure for alopecia areata that is sure to grow your hair back. Note that your hair may regrow naturally after this hair loss  medical condition is over. Drug treatments for alopecia areata depend upon a person's age and the extent of one's hair loss. One treatment for alopecia involves multiple injections of the steroid hormone, Cortisone. This is directly injected into the bald spots, repeated once a month. Another treatment uses cortico-steriods topically on the scalp. However, the use of steroids have not been scientifically proven as an effective hair loss treatment for alopecia. Currently, hair re-growth drugs for alopecia areata are being actively researched. 

How to cope with alopecia areata hair loss?

Cosmetic alternatives, such as hair replacements, hair pieces or wigs, can help conceal the hair loss due to alopecia with great success. The latest innovation SensiGraft® for men is non-surgical hair system. It has been scientifically developed, using pinpoint precision of implanting single hair grafts into a skin like membrane. We use the accuracy of computer technology to gently reshape the outer surface to give the most natural non-surgical hair restoration hair replacement system on the market today. 

For women there is the new REALLUSIONS® hair. It is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of female hair loss in all it's forms... artistically, technically, and emotionally. REALLUSIONS® hair is designed to be virtually undetectable specially for you, a woman suffering with hair loss. REALLUSIONS® hair replacement is individually designed specifically for you and you alone from the finest hair in the world. 

An exciting new laser, the MEP-90 was found to grow hair in women with female pattern baldness, also called androgentic alopecia. Studies done with the MEP-90 and approved by the FDA have been proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth in females experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia. 

Where to find more medical information about alopecia?

As hair loss symptoms occurs a physician diagnosis is needed to evaluate the underlying disorder responsible for the hair los. There are several good internet sites about alopecia areata hair loss medical treatments at  alopecia baldness page.

We at NuHair have helped over hundreds of clients with Alopecia Areata hair loss medical condition. Get expert advice from 60 hair loss specialists worldwide who will try to answer your question regarding your individual needs.​ Your privacy and complete satisfaction are our primary concern. We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with a Transitions hair loss studio near you and see just how much you have to gain. As always, there is no obligation, no pressure, and complete discretion. FREE Hair Consultation!

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