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Hair Loss Research Correlation of Hair Loss Emotional Distress and Pain

An estimated 80 million American men and women suffer from male and female pattern hair loss. Since hair is universally viewed as a sign of youth and vitality, hair loss can cause a diminished sense of self-esteem and poor self image that can significantly impact one's overall quality of life. In a survey commissioned by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery only 15 percent of respondents would first seek out a hair restoration specialist if they were losing their hair. Fear and shame of hair loss is a factor here. 
Another finding of the survey shows that 77% of respondents would be very or somewhat concerned if they were in their twenties and just starting out in their career and experiencing unexplained, noticeable hair loss. A vast majority of women (88 percent) would be concerned if they were in their twenties and just starting out in their career and experiencing unexplained, noticeable hair loss and 65 percent of men felt the same.
People value their hair and are concerned about how hair loss could potentially impact their social lives and careers. Researchers have now established people with full hair, opposed to people with hair loss have better chance to success in their life and success generally go with a positive attitude as well. Hair density or the lack of hair loss syndrome affects how people make of their life success. Studies showed that people that had more hair compare to balding heads were having positive view about life and gain success at work due to a better comfort level with their piers. 

Hair loss treatment products are a $billion industry but the emotional problem was not attended to by the medical profession to date. The concept of personal pain due to hair loss has been ignored by the hair loss experts. The baby boomer generation of men and women care about looking good, youthful and fit.
Obviously many factors beyond attitude affect our work position and life success, but hair loss does have an effect on ones attitude and behavior at the workplace. When studying the negative effects of hair loss a major theme was noticed, the lack of hair affects a person’s attitude to one’s self fearing what others may see on top of their head. Deep depression can be an out come of hair loss. The fear of aging and loss of control is eminent.  Ones actions and decisions are suddenly effected just as excessive weight gain will promote less physical activities low morale and low self esteem. Attitude changes as the hair keeps falling off the scalp and balding areas are noticeable. 
One must consider the sudden realization that hair loss is definition of aging or beauty lost. Embracing ones hair loss is not an easy task especially for women. There is no woman on earth who would prefer the state of baldness to full flowing hair due to our society dictation of what is a beauty or youth look.
According to Nu Hair spokesman, Marvin Friedman, “millions of women in the U.S. alone are suffering from some form of hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, thyroid disorders and many other hair loss causes.” Nu Hair hopes to reinforce its company’s image of quality and performance by introducing new hair system every couple of years to increase the choice of hair replacements made specifically for women’s hair loss and men’s hair loss and reduce the waiting time to a minimum. After all, custom hair replacements are favorites among celebrities as a grooming tool. “Nu Hair will be using a sense of style and creative edge hair replacement options to promote shopping experience that is fun, informative and stylish to ease the hair loss pain. Collaborating fun and ease of shopping for hair loss solutions will elevate and ease the fear and shame of the hair loss syndrome,“ said Marvin Friedman. 

Isn’t it time to get your life back and address the emotional pain that hair loss can cause? Imagine your life with hair again! Contact us and ask for your FREE Hair Loss Consultation!

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