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Wig How To Do styled Deep Part


"Deep side part wigs hairstyle is back," says Nu Hair Wig Expert in Dallas, TX. From long hairstyles to short haircut styles, wigs are in. Wigs with a variety of hairstyles and different odd hair colors are hot with celebrities. Wigs hairstyle trend varies from year to the next. Today, the individuality emphasis is hot. The highly-trained and creative team of stylists at Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas is ready to put an end to your bad hair days.

Why Are Bangs in Style? Dallas, TX

A new style that resurfaced from 50 years ago in wigs hair styling is long side bang. Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas offers a selection of best wigs in both human hair and synthetic hair fibers. 

How To Do Trendy Wigs Hairstyle With Deep Side Part?

New wig hairstyle how to style human hair wig Dallas Fort Worth TexasWigs hairstyle today call for bangs that are kept long. You can create the look with a real low, flattened deep side part, 2 inches from the hairline. The hair band comes across the forehead that is slick, soft and organic textured. Take the tail of your comb and go diagonally back 2 inches from the part to tuck behind the ear, all the way to the nape of the neck. Dallas TX renowned wigs specialist has this suggestion: "the part can be pinned into place or just kept loose behind the ear for a sleek look." Use a large curling iron to create the end to stay curled in behind the ear. For the rest of the hair use a large round brush lightly roll in the hair ends with a blow dryer. A look of a side part that is coupled with naturally textured and wavy hair. Hairstyle tips from Nu Hair of Dallas, Fort Worth ​​​​Texas hair replacement specialists

Are You Shopping for Medical Wig in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas?

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see what their coverage will be. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers "cranial prosthesis." Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem.

Ready to make a statement with full head of hair? Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration team is helping men and women from around the world affected by hair loss. Dallas' finest boutique wigs & hair replacement salon features the city's best stylists in a private setting just off Preston Rd and 635 Freeway. Take the first step to a new you. To schedule, your private consultation, in a private setting and without any sales pressure, please call us at 972-490-7766. You can also fill out the "CONTACT US" form with any questions or concerns. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

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