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Laser Hair Restoration Therapy Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas Guide. You can combat your hair loss without surgery using MEP-90 laser hair loss treatments. The FDA approved MEP-90 laser hair therapy for hair loss is now available in Dallas Forth Worth. Nu Hair of Texas Clinic offers the low level laser hair loss treatment to regrow hair for women and men suffering from hair loss. This medical device uses clinical-strength laser technology to restore hair growth. It is the latest technology to treat balding, and thinning hair. The hair restoration treatment takes about 20 minutes, every other day. the low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair with consistent use. Nu Hair in Dallas Fort Worth offer the best laser, medical laser hair loss treatment using the MEP-90 FDA cleared medical laser.

Restore Hair, Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Laser Hair Therapy Treatment, Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Hair Growth Dallas Fort Worth, TXLaser hair loss treatment is making continued headlines in the press and in TV reports around the world. The laser hair therapy cosmetic non-surgical treatments utilize a device containing therapeutic low level lasers. Safely and easily cool low laser light therapy help in healthier, softer, and thicker looking hair to grow in place of thin, fine, damaged hair. Also known as "cold" lasers, low level lasers treatments use therapeutic soft low-light level lasers (LLLL) that were developed in Europe for healing wounds, treating hair loss and other diseases of the scalp.

Low Level Laser Hair Loss Treatment Technology - DFW, TX

The cold laser lights are housed in a moveable hood that is positioned directly above the patient's head. The patient is seated while the hood is lowered onto the head, approximately 5-10 cm from the scalp. The laser is focused on the client’s hair follicles. The close proximity of the laser to the patient's scalp allows for maximum irradiation and minimal dispersion of the laser light energy. According to David P. Melamed, MD, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, “ LLLL is effective in treating androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. Based on the experience in my practice, 80 percent of patients with androgenetic alopecia report increased hair density after the first three to six months of treatment. Nearly all of my patients with telogen effluvium report complete cessation of shedding. The hair growth continues while patients complete the full one year of LLLL and will taper after 12 months. Most patients will require monthly follow-up treatments to maintain their results.“

Laser Hair Growth - FDA Cleared MEP-90 Laser Hair Restoration Treatment

“The laser hair loss treatments "seems to take follicles that were dormant or on their way to dying out and wakes them up," says Barry DiBernardo, a plastic surgeon and laser expert in Montclair, New Jersey.“ According to www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf9/K091496.pdf, according to this recent study for the MEP-90 low laser light device, the FDA cleared it as a medical device to promote hair growth and provide treatment for females experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia, who have Ludwig and Savin Hair Loss Scale classifications I to II. (http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf9/K091496.pdf) After the first 6 months of treatments, 80 percent of women patients with Androgenetic Alopecia related hair loss report increased hair density, and nearly all patients report that shedding has completely stopped.

Clinical Studies of the Laser Hair Therapy 

As the papers state; after the 36th treatment, 97% of the subject population demonstrated an increased hair count of 20%. A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of 30%, with 57% demonstrating an increased hair count of 50%. 87% of the subjects indicated the treatments have helped their condition, with 60% reporting their loss rate has further slowed down from the 10-week period, and 65% reported their visible area of the alopecia (bald spot) had gotten smaller. 100% of the linear trend plotting for all subjects of their Initial, 10-Week, and 18-Week hair counts demonstrated a historical rate of increased hair growth. No subject experienced any adverse event and/or effect from the treatments. Low power laser energy, or "soft" laser light has the ability to repair and rehabilitate damaged and dormant hair follicles, may stimulate new hair growth, and help to stop excessive hair loss. If started during the beginning stages of hair loss, laser hair loss treatments may provide the results you are looking for. 
Note that once there is complete baldness of the scalp, in other words the hair shaft root died, no amount of laser light will revive the root back to life to produce hair again. Like other treatments (such as Propecia and Minoxidil), some patients tend to respond better than others. In general, it seems that patients who 'have more hair' (perhaps in early stages of hair loss) tend to have better results.

MEP-90 Laser Hair Loss Therapy Treatment in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Finally there is a FDA approved MEP-90 medical laser device for women with female pattern baldness! The evidence provides mathematical certainty and that results attained are not by chance. Isn’t it time to get your life back and address the emotional pain that hair loss can cause?  Imagine your life with hair again! Take the first step right NOW! Call or contact us and ask for your hair consultation. Receive a scalp and hair loss assessment. It's private, and there is "no pressure no" obligation. To schedule, your private consultation, please call us at 972-490-7766. You can also fill out the "CONTACT US" form with any questions or concerns. By Appointment Only.

MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy Hair Loss Treatment in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas 

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