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Female Pattern Baldness

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Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that female hair loss affects how women feel about themselves. Female pattern baldness also called Androgenic alopecia in women is hereditary hair loss condition which causes damage to scalp hair, hair thinning or baldness in about 20 percent of all women. If you are healthy and you begin losing hair, then your female hair loss condition may be hereditary. “Female hair loss should be controlled, once you see an abnormal rate of hair fall,” says Marvin Friedman, Nu Hair of Dallas, TX hair restoration expert. The Dallas, TX hair replacement specialist advice is to consult your doctor about your hair loss cause.

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Typical Progress of Female Pattern Baldness

Female Pattern Baldness & Female Hair Loss Treatment Dallas, TexasThe typical pattern of hair loss in women differs from men. In women, the hair thins out all over the scalp, but the frontal hairline stays. There may be moderate female hair loss on the crown of the head, rarely progressing to total baldness as it may in men. Female pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss appears as women notice a reduction in hair shaft size around the forehead and the crown area. At aging, this female pattern baldness begins to develop, around 40 years of age. As menopause occurs, more and more women notice hair loss.

Female Pattern Hair Loss Cause

Female-pattern baldness typically begins during menopause when women's estrogen levels decrease, and testosterone increases, causing hair loss. Various forms of estrogen can "oppose" androgens and thereby reduce their availability to the cell, by blocking androgen receptors. Some women may also experience permanent hair loss during pregnancy or when starting or stopping oral contraceptives. If balding occurs due to birth control pills, then a woman should consult with her doctor about switching to another medicine.

Childbirth and Hair Shedding, Telogen Effluvium

Women may also notice that they are losing hair at the end of pregnancy or after childbirth due to hormonal changes. In most cases, hair re-growth will return to previous conditions between one to six months. Another typical scalp hair loss is Telogen effluvium, a common type of hair loss caused when a large percentage of scalp hair is in "shedding" phase, and later the re-growth stage occurs. Cosmetic alternatives, such as hair replacements or wigs, can help conceal female hair loss with great success!

Female Hair Loss Treatment - Dallas, Texas

What treatments are available? As with any medical condition, check with your doctor for possible reasons for your hair loss. Did you know that if you have sudden hair loss, you should first check with your family doctor, an internist or even your gynecologist? A dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. If you are losing hair, it may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. For total or partial baldness, we offer beautiful medical wigs with natural hairline. Wigs are the most common form of hair replacement. Notably, the FDA has cleared a new medical laser device for use as hair growth treatments for women's hair loss. Successful healthy re-growth of hair also depends on upon the number of cells that are merely dormant versus those that have lost the ability to re-grow hair. 

Nu Hair in Dallas, TX offer hair loss alopecia solutions. The staff in Dallas, Texas is committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. Receive an entire scalp and hair loss assessment. It’s private, "no pressure", and there is no obligation.Take the first step right NOW! Request your hair restoration consultation.

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