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Hair Loss Emotional Stress

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Discussion on hair loss stress and losing hair emotional and psychological effects. "Hair loss or baldness is an important part of an individual’s appearance in our image orientated society," said Marvin Friedman, who has been heading Nu Hair in Dallas Texas hair restoration center since 1986. When you meet someone for the first time, the first thing people notices is your hair. Public figures, such as politicians, actors, and actresses, spend a lot of time each day "doing" their hair because they understand the importance society places on appearance and youthful image. The Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration center offers patients the opportunity to regain fuller, natural appearing hair so that they can live carefree with self-confidence.

Emotional Toll of Hair Loss & Balding - a Look at Our Society

Baldness connotes unattractiveness, physical weakness and old age in our image-driven society. How often does Hollywood cast a bald man or bald woman as the hero? When is the last time you saw a bald woman as television star?  In the bible, Sampson’s strength is attributed to his hair. In England, judges and lawyers still wear wigs to signify power. According to Chinese tradition, hair loss or baldness is a sign of punishment by the devil.

Beauty Power and Hair Loss Stress

Female  hair loss specialist DFW, Texas - Hair Loss Emotional StressSociety's expectations of beauty and power No wonder hair loss has a negative emotional impact on the balding individual. A low self-esteem stems from individual's perception of what a beautiful body image should be all due to our society's expectation of beauty and power. Baldness is not flattering. Research revealed that the person with the full head of hair was rated as most handsome, healthy, and attractive. The person with a bald head of hair was rated weak, dull, and unattractive.

Hair Loss and Confidence

Hair loss & confidence. Hair loss evokes feelings of vulnerability, loss of self-esteem, an embarrassment of self-image. Single men and women who had begun losing hair in their early twenties are more likely to suffer from an extremely low self-esteem.  They fill less attractive than others by looking older than their actual age. Balding men reported glancing in the mirror constantly and wearing hats even in warm weather. Many suffer depression due to alopecia, emotional stress due to hair loss. Studies show that women suffer psychological effects due to hair loss, more severe and more intense than men. Following statements are typical;

  • Thinking about my hair loss all the time
  • Worry about losing even more hair
  • Feeling frustrated and helpless about my hair loss
  • Worry about what others think
  • Worry that I lost my femininity attractiveness
  • Uncomfortable talking about the issue 

Hair Loss Stress Affects & Discrimination

Losing hair and the emotional effects. Studies also show employment discrimination based on a person's appearance. Since hair loss, pattern baldness is a sign of age and weakness people with hair loss do not get the opportunity in some companies who wish to promote a youthful image and strength. They feel self-conscious and constantly worry that others are looking at their thin or balding hair. If you're losing your hair or have thinning hair, there are steps you can take to combat the emotional impact of hair loss.

Hair Loss Specialist Dallas, Fort Worth Texas

Dealing with the emotional side of hair loss, is taking control of your hair loss with treatment solutions. Hair loss treatments range from non-surgical hair restoration treatments to surgical procedures, each with different advantages and disadvantages. As hair loss symptoms occur, a physician diagnosis is needed to evaluate the underlying disorder responsible for the hair loss. 

The Dallas, Texas hair replacement expert advice is to consult your doctor about the best option for you. Did you know that If you have sudden hair loss, you should first check with your family doctor or internist to find the cause of your condition? A dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. It may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. Nu Hair staff in Dallas-Fort Worth is committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. Receive a complete scalp and hair loss assessment. It’s private, and there is no obligation. Take the first step right NOW! Contact us for your "no pressure" and no obligation hair loss solutions consultation. 

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