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Dallas medical laser hair restoration therapy is in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Nu Hair in Dallas expert indicated that hair growth therapy with the MEP-90 laser does show hair growth results in some patients. Medical experts and hair loss specialists are all in using the laser hair restoration to regrow hair. Hair restoration therapy is a nonsurgical treatment to restore hair follicles growth. Some hair restoration surgeons who do hair transplantation procedures are skeptical. Other hair restoration doctors use the laser hair therapy to help the newly transplanted hair to grow back. These hair transplant surgeons use the laser light stimulates the follicle to reactivate hair cells.

The MEP-90 is a hooded laser that looks like a giant hood hair dryer. It has 82 laser light diodes completely covering the scalp with light during therapy. Laser hair restoration is hair growth therapy for women with pattern hair loss. The MEP-90 laser is the only FDA approved medical laser for hair loss treatment. In Dallas, Nu Hair of Texas has been using the laser hair restoration therapy with MEP-90 medical laser device with great success to get new hair growth. The laser light is absorbed by cells, which in turn repairs the hair follicles and encourages regrowth.

Laser Hair Restoration Hair Growth Dallas Ft Worth, TexasNu Hair of Texas offers laser hair restoration therapy with the FDA approved MEP-90 laser hair treatment device in Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Utilizing the advanced MEP-90 laser hair treatment system, the first FDA approved a medical device for women’s hair loss to re-grow hair. Dallas Fort Worth women can now take advantage of this laser hair growth non-invasive treatment for female hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia.

The FDA cleared hair growth treatment with the MEP 90 laser light device. The MEP 90 employs laser biostimulation and is proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth. The MEP 90 meets the same FDA laser safety code as lasers employed in Lasik surgery or laser pain therapy. Marvin Friedman at Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas says, "this laser hair loss treatment is easy to use. It is a non-invasive medical treatment option for female pattern hair loss.​"

Dallas Laser Hair Growth Therapy Clinical Data:

  • An FDA pre-approved clinical trial with oversight was performed.
  • Each subject received a total of 36 20-minute treatments over 18 wks. Results were reviewed at 10-weeks (20 treatments) and 18-weeks (36 treatments) levels
  • After 20 treatments (10 weeks) 92% of subjects had increased hair counts of >+10% with 57% demonstrating an increase of 30%.
  • 98% of subjects indicated a medically-significant stabilization of rate of hair loss.
  • After 36 treatments, 97% of subjects had an increased hair count of >+ 20%. A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of >+30%, with 57% showing an increased hair count of >+50%.Heading three example

The MEP-90 Laser Hair Restoration Results

  • After 20 treatments 92% of the patients showed an increase hair count of a minimum of 10% with 60% having a minimum of 30% increase in hair.​ 
  • Phase 2: (After 36 treatments) 96% of patients presented hair count of at least 20% with 88% having an increased minimum of 30% more hair.
  • Phase 3: (After 52 treatments) 97% of patients presented an increase hair count of a minimum of 20% with 77% having a minimum increase of 51% more hair.​

MEP-90 Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Finally, there is an FDA approved MEP-90 medical laser hair restoration device recommended for women's hair loss. The clinical evidence provides mathematical certainty, and that results attained are not by chance. Isn’t it time to get your life back and address the emotional pain that hair loss can cause? Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that hair loss may affect how you feel about yourself. Imagine your life with hair again! Contact us for your hair loss solution consultation.

MEP 90 Laser Hair Restoration For Hair Loss Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, By Appointment Only

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