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Shop for best wigs human hair wigs lace wigs for men women and children with hair loss. Nu Hair of Texas wigs hair experts in Dallas-Fort Worth with information on premium wigs and hairpieces, best wig care and more. There are a large array of wigs: custom wigs, human hair wigs, ready made wigs, alopecia wig, medical wigs...The following discussion will guide you through this maze of hair loss treatments specifically on high-quality wigs, hair integration, hair weaving and more. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering wigs as hair for your hair loss:

  • What are you trying to accomplish by using a wig?
  • What type of wig should you get for your hair loss?
  • What particular wig style is best for you?
  • Where is can I get the best service for the wig?
  • How can I integrate the wig into my lifestyle?
  • How can I keep the wig looking clean, natural & beautiful?

About wigs

Per Webster’s dictionary, the word wig is “manufactured covering of hair for the head.”  The word wig is often misused in the description of modern hair replacement. It is true that most are pre-manufactured, inexpensive and readily available at a verity of retail wig locations. Many people try off the shelf wigs as a substitute for hair loss for financial reasons or due to the lack of education on the availability of better alternatives.  

Where to shop for wigs?

Nu Hair wigs experts in Dallas say that for a woman or man who is experiencing hair loss, the best alternative is to seek an appointment for the consultation with a hair replacement professional such as Nu Hair of Texas or a Transitions Group certified hair loss expert specialty with hair pieces and best human hair wigs. Today there are many choices for women and men with hair loss.  Hair replacement professionals also provide professional styling services to keep the client looking their very best.

What wig should I get?

I have alopecia hair loss, what type of wig should I get: human hair wig, synthetic hair wig, or hair replacement system? According to Dallas wigs specialists, most widely used wigs are custom human hair wigs or off the shelf ready made synthetic wigs. Custom wigs are available in human hair, synthetic and blend of both human and synthetic. Other cosmetic options are hairpieces, hair weaves or hair extensions. These are used to conceal thinning hair or complete baldness. Wigs differ in cost, quality and by how much care they'll need based on hair type. Do you want a wig with synthetic or real human hair? Both can be matched to your own hair color and styled to your individual taste. 

While machine-made wigs seldom look natural, custom human hair wigs look more like your real hair. Handmade custom human hair wigs can usually be parted in different places on your head, and they can make it easier to wear hair accessories. Handmade custom-made wigs are more expensive than machine-made wigs. You can get a free advice from our worldwide hair loss experts on which hair replacement will best suit your needs.

Get answers your questions about your personal hair loss concerns. For information about hair loss treatment options, including hair replacement solutions for both men and women, please use this form to contact us and ask for your FREE Hair Consultation!

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