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Proven hair loss treatment solutions for men and women. Which hair loss solution is right for you?​​​​​​​ Contact Nu Hair of TX today to schedule a private, no-obligation consultation​​​. ​​​To schedule, your private consultation with Nu Hair of TX hair loss expert, please call 972-490-7766. You can also fill out the "CONTACT US" form with any questions or concerns.​​​​​​​

Dallas medical laser hair restoration therapy is in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Nu Hair Dallas expert indicated that hair growth therapy with the MEP-90 laser does show hair growth results in many patients. Furthermore, medical experts are all in using laser hair restoration to regrow hair. Laser... + details

Dallas hair replacement for men is not grandad's hairpiece or toupee. Non-surgical hair replacement for men is an option for significant hair loss. In Dallas, hair replacements are made to look natural. We design our hair replacements for a perfect... + details

Women in need of a wig due to all types of hair loss, find best wig store in Dallas, at Nu Hair of Texas. Our expert staff help you find the best wig for you. Our wig shop is none like other off the street wig stores. We guide you on how to choose the hair and... + details

Dallas African American wigs guide to best black hair wigs. Best wigs for bald or thinning hair loss in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. 

What types of wigs are available to African American men & women? 

According to Nu Hair of Texas, Dallas wig expert, there are the broad array of... + details

Laser hair therapy treatment DFW debate on hair growth with MEP90 vs. HAIRMAX laser device. Nu Hair in Dallas Fort Worth is the leading expert in hair loss treatments for men and women. Noteworthy, Nu Hair offers the low-level laser hair therapy using the MEP-90 laser. The FDA cleared MEP90... + details

Nu Hair Replacement for men is a non-surgical solution for men's hair loss. The Dallas hair restoration center offers only proven and natural looking hair replacements for men. Marvin Friedman at Nu Hair of Texas believes in making a real difference in patient's... + details
Medical wigs, cancer wigs & alopecia wigs Dallas, TX video. One of the most devastating effects of chemotherapy treatment is hair loss. Nu Hair in DFW Texas offers custom medical wigs as hair loss solution for cancer patients. Watch the video with Stacy... + details

Propecia​ / Finasteride is hair growth medication for baldness. Hair growth medication Propecia is FDA approved, and available by prescription at your pharmacy. However, what are Finasteride drug side effects, interactions & indications? "In reality, there is currently no hair growth... + details


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