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Nu Hair of TX experts has been helping hair loss clients from Plano, Texas since 1986. Dallas, TX hair restoration specialist Marvin Friedman, fully understood the effects of losing hair, since he also suffered from male pattern baldness condition. Self-confidence and quality of life, depression, and anxiety are typical in people with hair loss. Hair loss can be extremely upsetting for men, women, and children at any age. There is the broad variety of hair loss products today. There is bound to be one solution that will help meet your expectation of getting hair. If you see hair excessive hair falling out, the first step is to check with your doctor why you are losing your hair. Your doctor will assess your hereditary history and your present health condition through a physical exam and lab work. Our hair restoration clinic close to Plano offers hair loss solutions from medical laser hair growth therapy to nonsurgical hair replacement and medical wigs for hair loss.

How is hair loss treated?

  • Solutions are available over the counter. 
  • Hair transplant surgery.
  • Nonsurgical treatments
  • Non-medical hair replacement.
  • Medications like Minoxidil (Rogaine), or Propecia/Proscar may help you. 
  • Stop over-styling with harsh chemicals.
  • It's possible to stop hair loss and regrow lost hair. Try laser hair therapy.
  • Medical wigs

What is the best hair loss, hair thinning treatment?

Nu Hair of Texas is hair loss treatment clinic in North Dallas, Texas serving Plano Texas. Nu Hair provides nonsurgical treatments and medical solutions for thinning hair loss or baldness in men, women, and children. Our medical director is board certified Texas medical doctor. Our physician oversees our medical laser hair therapy MEP-90 for prescriptions and how the laser is used. We also may recommend custom wigs for extensive hair loss. Nu Hair loss treatment center provides consumers with reliable hair loss information and the power to make informed decisions about their hair loss. Medical causes of hair loss include thyroid disease, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, stress physical or emotional stress, just to name a few. Hair Loss Clinic Plano TX.

Hair Loss Treatments In Dallas, Texas

  • Hair restoration for male and female hair loss.
  • Baldness, thinning hair prevention.
  • Hair loss treatment solutions for thinning hair in men women & children.
  • Texas certified doctor offers physician laser hair prescription.

Our hair restoration clinic close to Plano, Texas offers medical laser hair therapy and non-medical solutions. Isn’t it time to get your life back and address the emotional pain that hair loss can cause? Call us for your "no pressure," no obligation consultation. It's completely private. Details of your hair loss options in your particular situation will be explained to you during your hair loss consultation in Dallas, Texas, with Marvin Friedman and his team. To schedule, your private consultation, please call us at 972-490-7766. You can also fill out the "CONTACT US" form with any questions or concerns. By Appointment Only.


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