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Hair loss in children, kids who suffer bald thin hair loss problem.

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss & Treatment

alopecia areata hair loss treatment Dallas Fort Worth


Alopecia areata hair loss is a common autoimmune skin disease that causes hair to fall out. Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that hair loss may affect how you feel. You are not alone if you have alopecia areata hair loss or baldness. Marvin Friedman is a hair restoration specialist in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas says that men, women and even children may experience hair loss alopecia at any time in their lives. The body’s immune system attacks the healthy hair follicles, causing them to become smaller and drastically slow down production to the point that hair growth stops. DFW hair restoration specialist Marvin Friedman says that alopecia areata affects more than 6.8 million people in the U.S. and 147 million people worldwide.

  • Alopecia is a not life-threatening hair loss medical condition which causes hair to fall out in clumps and causes bald spots
  • The disease cause hair to fall from the scalp, face and other areas of the body
  • The condition often progresses to complete hair loss of body hair. 
  • Some lose their hair with bald spots in specific areas and others with thinning hair all over.
  • It often first appears during childhood 
  • With alopecia areata, hair follicles remain alive, and hair can regrow at any time

What causes alopecia areata?

  • Most doctors believe that the body's autoimmune system attacks its hair follicles, causing hair loss
  • The immune system of the body mistakenly stops hair growth for unknown reasons
  • Alopecia areata and thyroid disease are frequently associated.
  • Alopecia areata may show up due to genetics where both parents must contribute some specific genes for a child to develop it. 
  • Hair re-growth usually is seen within six months, but if there is no hair growth within a year, then it is unlikely that any hair re-growth will ever come back.

Types of alopecia areata

The various alopecia conditions are:  

  • Alopecia Areata - The most common form, with coin-sized hairless patches on the scalp or other areas of the body
  • Alopecia Totalis - Alopecia totalis is a total hair loss of the scalp.
  • Alopecia Universal. Alopecia universal is the loss of all body hair, including eyelashes, eyebrows and pubic hair.  Alopecia totalis and alopecia universal are extreme cases of this medical condition. 

‎Treatments for alopecia areata - DFW, TX

Dallas alopecia areata hair loss specialist serving Dallas, Texas & DFWIs there a cure for alopecia areata hair loss? Dallas-Fort Worth hair restoration specialist reports that presently, there is no hair loss medical cure for alopecia areata that is sure to grow your hair back. Note that your hair may regrow naturally after this hair loss medical condition is over. Drug treatments for alopecia areata depend upon a person's age and the extent of one's hair loss. One therapy for alopecia involves multiple injections of the steroid hormone, Cortisone. The steroid is directly injected into the bald spots, repeated once a month. Another treatment uses cortico-steroids topically on the scalp. However, the effect of steroids use has not been scientifically proven as an effective hair loss treatment for alopecia. Currently, hair re-growth drugs for alopecia areata are actively researched.

How to cope with alopecia areata hair loss?

Cosmetic alternatives, such as hair replacements, hair pieces or wigs, can help conceal the hair loss due to alopecia with great success. The latest innovation Nu Hair Replacement for men is non-surgical hair system. It has been scientifically developed, using a pinpoint precision of implanting single hair grafts into the skin like membrane. We use the accuracy of computer technology to gently reshape the outer surface to give the most natural non-surgical hair replacement system on the market today. 

For women, there is the new REALLUSIONS® wig. It is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of female hair loss in all it's forms... artistically, technically, and emotionally. REALLUSIONS® hair is designed to be virtually undetectable especially for you, a woman suffering from hair loss. 

An exciting new laser, the MEP-90 was found to grow hair in women with female pattern baldness, also called androgenetic alopecia. Studies done with the MEP-90 and approved by the FDA have been proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth in females experiencing Androgenetic Alopecia.

Where to find more medical information about alopecia areata? DFW, TX

As hair loss symptoms occur, a physician diagnosis is needed to evaluate the underlying disorder responsible for the hair loss. There are several good internet sites about alopecia areata hair loss medical treatments at alopecia baldness page.

We at Nu Hair in DFW, TX has helped hundreds of clients with alopecia areata hair loss treatment solutions. Get expert advice from 60 hair loss specialists worldwide who will try to answer your question regarding your individual needs.​ Nu Hair restoration in Dallas, TX team is committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with a Transitions hair loss studio near you and see just how much you have to gain. As always, there is no obligation, no pressure, and complete discretion hair loss options consultation. To schedule, your private consultation, please call us at 972-490-7766. You can also fill out the "CONTACT US" form with any questions or concerns. By Appointment Only.

Alopecia Areata Treatments Dallas Fort Worth Texas


Children's Wigs DFW

Children's Wigs Dallas Texas, wigs for children in Dallas


Children's Wigs DFW - Hair Loss Hair Restoration Dallas, TX

Children's wigs for alopecia hair loss are available in north Dallas at Nu Hair hair replacement center. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area kids who are suffering from hair loss trust Nu Hair of Texas wig specialists. Nu Hair of TX is offering the best wigs for children with medical hair loss problems, natural medical wigs and it is here in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. 

Custom-made wigs for children with hair loss - DFW, TX

Dallas children wigs medical wigs for kids in DFW TEXASIn Dallas Texas wigs specialty center the kids wigs are sized to the smaller heads of both boys and girls. Dallas wigs experts at NU HAIR of Texas offer the best natural looking wigs for children with hair loss. This video is about a unique medical wig prosthetic that is being donated to a nineteen year old burn survivor. Nu Hair in Dallas Fort Worth Texas offers wigs sized for kids with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia conditions & other medical causes. Children's wigs ranges in value from $1,200 to $2,800. Families in financial needs may get help at American Cancer Association. Nu Hair of Texas, has wig experts who has been working with children's alopecia wigs since 1986.

Wig specialty shop in Dallas Fort Worth - children's wigs DFW

Nu Hair of Texas is an upscale Dallas wig specialty shop in Dallas Fort Worth for pattern alopecia and medical hair loss in men, women and children. Shop for wigs in Dallas TX from top brands and top manufacturers; human hair, lace front and synthetic wigs. You'll be able to choose from the very best wigs with best human hair or synthetic hair. Our wigs experts will customize, your wig or hairpiece to fit your lifestyle. You won’t find better quality wigs in Dallas!

Nu Hair wig specialists In Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas help children with cancer to choose their medical wig.​​​​ According to the Dallas wigs specialists, most widely used wigs are human hair wigs. When selecting cancer wigs for kids, understand that wigs differ in cost, quality and by how much care they'll need based on hair type. The Dallas wig specialist, Marvin Friedman says that a wig should suit you and your lifestyle, especially when it comes to children.

Nu Hair in Dallas provides custom human hair wigs to children with medically-related hair loss, cancer treatments, alopecia, Trichotillomania, etc., With children, the painful effects are far more profound than just cosmetic. The children suffer social stigma with their peers, and this can affect their school work and deep psychological depression. A wig is a life saver for the kid. 

Our caring hair loss experts will assist you with choosing the perfect hair replacement for your child.  Nu Hair of TX offers a personalized experience where your kid's feeling is our main focus. Our caring professionals will take the time to listen to you and your child, and get it right the first time.

Best Wigs for Children Dallas Fort Worth, Texas By Appointment Only.


Children's Hair Loss - Tinea Capitis

Children's hair loss kids wigs Dallas Tx


Dallas hair restoration specialist, Marvin Friedman, understands that children's hair loss can cause psychological stress to both parent and child alike. He explains that fungal Infection Tinea Capitis is known the most common cause of hair loss in children. It is a fungal infection of the scalp, eyebrows and or eyelashes. Tinea Capitis appears as circular or oval bald spot where broken-off hair is visible. It shows as patches of hair loss, or a large red patch on the scalp. It is also named ringworm. At times it is itching and scaling with gray flakes or scales. It is contagiousness & contracted from other children with the disease. Tinea capitis is rare after puberty. Find medical wigs for kids in Dallas, Texas. Nu Hair wig specialists In Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas help children with hair loss problem.

What Cause Tinea Capitis Hair Loss in Children?

Kids Wigs for children's hair loss,  cancer or alopecia wigs for kids in Dallas Fort WorthChildren's hair loss Dallas TX report; Tinea Capitis is a disease caused by a fungus that invades the hair shaft and causes the hair to break. The condition is transmitted by contact from one infected child to another through the sharing of personal care products such as combs, brushes, hats, pillows, and towels. Children three to ten years are more susceptible than other ages.

How To Treat Tinea Capitis Hair Loss?

Children's hair loss is especially devastating. A doctor's diagnosis in the form of culture testing is needed. The medical provider will treat the infection with an antifungal medication. Also, he will prescribe medicated shampoo containing 2.5% selenium sulfide that is taken for at least six weeks. It is very important to continue the use of the oral medication and shampoo as per instructed by the doctor.

Wigs for Hair Loss in Children Dallas, Texas

Learn how Nu Hair restoration in Dallas, TX team helps children with hair loss, provides medical wigs to restore self-confidence. If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see what their coverage will be. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers "cranial prosthesis." Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem.

Find Causes and Treatment of Kids Hair Loss - Dallas, TX

Dallas hair restoration specialist, Marvin Friedman, suggests what to do when your child hair loss problem. Did you know if you see sudden hair loss, you should first check with your family doctor or internist? A dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. It may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. A doctor can offer medical treatment to improve the hair loss condition. We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. Contact Us for medical wigs and hair replacement assessment for your child. It’s private, and there is no obligation. By Appointment Only!

Children's Hair Loss Kids Medical Wigs Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Hair Loss Research & Psychological Impact

Dallas new hair loss treatment for men Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration DFW

New Hair Loss Research Correlation of Hair Loss Stress

New hair loss research and the psychological impact of alopecia. Dallas, TX hair restoration specialist, Marvin Friedman, explains that 
an estimated 80 million American men and women suffer from male and female pattern hair loss. Since hair is universally viewed as a sign of youth and vitality, hair loss can cause a diminished sense of self-esteem and poor self-image that can significantly impact one's overall quality of life. In a survey commissioned by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, only 15 percent of respondents would first seek out a hair restoration specialist if they were losing their hair. Anxiety and depression, fear and shame of hair loss is a factor here.

New Hair Loss Research - hair loss doctor in Dallas Fort Worth TXThe new hair loss research shows that 77% of respondents would be very or somewhat concerned if they were in their twenties and just starting out in their career and experiencing unexplained, noticeable hair loss. A vast majority of women (88 percent) would of if they were in their twenties and just starting out in their career and experiencing unexplained, noticeable hair loss and 65 percent of men felt the same.

The psychological impact of alopecia 

People value their hair and are concerned about how hair loss could potentially impact their social lives and careers. Researchers have now established people with full hair, opposed to people with hair loss have the better chance of success in their life and success go with a positive attitude as well. Hair density or the lack of hair loss syndrome affects how people make their life success. Studies showed that people that had more hair compare to balding heads were having the positive view about life and gain success at work due to a better comfort level with their peers.

Little new hair loss research has examined the psychological effects of alopecia

The concept of personal pain due to hair loss has been ignored by the hair loss experts. Research is often a by-product of another study, most likely the effects of a new treatment. Hair loss treatment products are a $billion industry, but the emotional problem was not attended to by the medical profession to date. Alopecia is psychologically damaging, causes intense emotional suffering, and leads to personal, social, and work-related problems.

The baby boomer generation of men and women care about looking good, youthful and fit. Obviously many factors beyond attitude affect our work position and life success, but hair loss does have an effect on one's perspective and behavior at the workplace. When studying the adverse effects of hair loss a significant theme was noticed, the lack of hair affects a person’s attitude to one’s self-fearing what others may see on top of their head. Deep depression can be an outcome of hair loss. The fear of aging and loss of control is imminent. One's actions and decisions are suddenly effected just as excessive weight gain will promote less physical activities low morale and low self-esteem. Attitude changes as the hair keep falling off the scalp, and balding areas are noticeable.
Those with alopecia may be at higher risk of developing a severe depressive episode, and anxiety disorder, One must consider the sudden realization that hair loss is a definition of aging or beauty lost. Embracing one's hair loss is not an easy task especially for women. No woman on earth would prefer the state of baldness to full flowing hair due to our society dictation of what is a beauty or youth look.
According to Nu Hair spokesman, Marvin Friedman, “millions of women in the U.S. alone are suffering from some form of hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, thyroid disorders and many other hair loss causes.” Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas hopes to reinforce its company’s image of quality and performance by introducing new hair system every couple of years to increase the choice of hair replacements made specifically for women’s hair loss and men’s hair loss and reduce the waiting time to a minimum. After all, custom hair replacements are favorites among celebrities as a grooming tool. “Nu Hair will be using a sense of style and creative edge hair replacement options to promote shopping experience that is fun, informative and stylish to ease the hair loss pain. Collaborating fun and ease of shopping for hair loss solutions will elevate and ease the fear and shame of the hair loss syndrome,“ said Marvin Friedman. 

New hair loss research will bring relief to millions but for now, is it not time to get your life back and address the emotional pain that hair loss can cause? Imagine your life with hair again! Call us for your "no pressure," no obligation consultation. It's completely private. Details of your hair loss options in your particular situation will be explained to you during your hair loss consultation in Dallas, Texas, with Marvin Friedman and his team. Contact Us today!

Nu Hair Restoration in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX By Appointment Only!

Children's Hair Loss Conditions & Symptoms

Children's hair loss Dallas Fort Worth TX alopecia in children

Children's hair loss medical conditions & symptoms - Dallas, TX

Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that children's hair loss may affect how children feel about themselves. Kids hair loss is much more common than most people suspect. Catherine Wiley, M.D., of the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, estimates that children's hair loss is responsible for 3% of all pediatric office visits. Over 2 million children are suffering medical hair loss baldness or thinning hair symptoms. Heading the Dallas hair loss treatment clinic is Marvin Friedman, a leader in non-surgical permanent hair replacement solutions. The DFW hair replacement expert says that children's hair loss is devastating phenomena for young kids and grown-up children, with significant psychological consequences.

Dermatological symptoms in children's hair loss - DFW, TX

According to the "Hair Loss in Children: Common and Uncommon Causes; Clinical and Epidemiological Study," the most common symptoms of hair loss condition are:

  • Asymptomatic patchy hair loss (40%).
  • Scaly scalp (22.9%),
  • Chronic diffuse form of hair loss (21.4%),
  • Change in hair texture and color (8.1%) 
  • Pruritus (5.7%)
  • Pain in the scalp (1%)

CHILDREN'S HAIR LOSS - DFW KIDS HAIR LOSS WIGS SPECIALISTWith children hair loss condition, in most cases, over 50% of them will see healthy hair growth with early treatments in less than a year. Other children with hair loss will need to try several medications for which will be useful to resume healthy hair growth. Note that kids hair loss is not due to vitamin deficiencies, poor scalp circulation, headbands, or hats.

What causes hair loss in children?

Common causes of hair loss in children include telogen effluvium, tinea capitis, bacterial infections, traction alopecia, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata.

Common causes of children's hair loss

  • Tinea capitis was the common cause of hair loss in children (40.0%)
  • Alopecia areata (26.2%)
  • Telogen effluvium (17.6%).
  • Chronic diffuse form of hair loss,
  • Trichotillomania,
  • Traction alopecia.

Underlying medical illness that may cause children's hair loss - Dallas, TX

  • Fungal infection such as ringworm on the scalp called Tinea capitis
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Tinea capitis
  • Hair pulling called Trichotillomania
  • Traction alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Autoimmune disease such as systemic lupus 
  • Body stress, physical or mental
  • Chemotherapy or radiation
  • Nutritional deficiency such as iron and zinc elements
  • Structural abnormalities of the hair shaft that usually results in easy breakage and dry, brittle hair.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium name comes from the telogen phase of a regular hair growth cycle. It is the last phase where the hair follicle rests for a few months just before the healthy hair growth starts again with new hair. About 10% of hair is in the rest phase at all time. Sometimes the normal cycle is interrupted, and a significant amount of hair goes into the telogen phase, and it shows as thin hair, bald spots or complete baldness appears.

What cause Telogen phase to turn into Telogen Effluvium hair loss condition?

Stressful event on the body such as:

  • hormonal change
  • severe body injury
  • chemotherapy
  • high fevers
  • excess vitamin A
  • emotional stress

Once the stressful event is over, complete hair growth usually occurs within six months. Telogen effluvium hair loss often occurs in young infants as a part of the regular hair growth process in which mature hair replaces baby hair. During adolescence, particularly in girls due to the influences of female hormones, a noticeable hair loss can be seen during the regular rest phase of the hair cycle. Telogen effluvium affects children and adults. It is the most common cause of hair loss, second to male or female pattern baldness.

Medical wigs for kids in Dallas, Texas - Nu Hair wig and hair replacement specialists In Dallas Fort Worth, Texas help children with head covering of custom make kids wigs. Nu Hair of TX has provided children's cancer wigs in DFW area since 1986. Did you know If your child shows sudden hair loss, you should first check with your Pediatric doctor? A Pediatric Dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. It may be necessary for your child to see Pediatric Endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. A doctor can offer medical treatments to improve the hair loss condition. For children wigs in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas contact us and ask for your hair restoration consultation.

Wigs for Children's Hair Loss Dallas Fort Worth Texas, By Appointment Only!


Hair Loss in Children: Common and Uncommon Causes; Clinical and Epidemiological Study in Jordan​​​​​​​


Children's Hair Loss & "Bald Cartoons'

Children's Hair Loss - Cartoons Help Sick Kids Cope With Hair Loss

Dallas Report; "Bald Cartoons" Help Sick Kids Cope With Children's Hair Loss

Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth staff recognizes that children's hair loss may affect how kids feel about their appearance. Nu Hair of TX has provided children's cancer wigs in DFW area since 1986. Popeye, Garfield, My Little Pony and Snoopy: some of the world's most famous cartoon characters are getting a very special makeover to help kids cope with losing their hair to cancer. Children's hair loss wigs are available at Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas.

Why Do Children Lose Hair?

There are several causes of hair loss in children. A newborn loses hair during the first few months of life. But this is eventually replaced by the permanent hair. Other cases, you need the immediate medical diagnosis for the child hair loss. It could be a fungal infection such as ringworm or harsh chemical hairstyling product, etc.

The "Bald Cartoons" Campaign & Kids Hair Loss

Knowing that hair loss brought on by chemotherapy can make children feel different from others, Brazilian cancer advocacy group GRAACC created a unique campaign called "Bald Cartoons." 

According to the Bald Cartoons website, "Famous cartoons from all over the world have gone bald, sending out the message that a child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child."

The "Bald Cartoons" video features kids talking about how it made them feel to lose their hair to cancer. As images of the bald cartoon characters appear, the children's faces light up; one boy says, "I thought that if I took my hat off at school people would laugh, but now I don't feel that anymore." The campaign has garnered national attention in Brazil; the video says 91% of Brazilians on social media supported the campaign.

Nu Hair of Texas Offers Medical Wigs for Children With Hair Loss

Find wigs for kids hair loss in Dallas, Texas. Nu Hair restoration specialists In Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas help children with hair loss to choose their medical wig.​​​​ Nu Hair of TX has provided children's wigs in DFW area since 1986. The Dallas hair restoration experts offer cancer wigs for kids, wigs and hair systems for men, women, and children. 

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see what their coverage will be. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers "cranial prosthesis." Upon full payment, Nu Hair of Texas issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area kids who are suffering from hair loss trust Nu Hair of Texas wig specialists. Schedule your confidential hair loss solution evaluation in a private setting and without any sales pressure. By Appointment Only!

Children's Wigs for Hair Loss in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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