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Hair Transplant Cost of Surgery DFW Texas

Non-surgical hair replacement in Dallas, Texas


You are facing hair loss, and you are looking into hair transplants to regrow hair and increase fuller density. How much does a hair transplant cost in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area? What consideration affects hair transplant cost? Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration specialist guide to hair transplant cost; Surgery procedure and recovery treatment have a fluctuating price, due to various factors that affect the total cost of the hair transplant. The average cost for hair transplant around Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas is $9000, and average price around Texas is $7000 for hair transplantation procedure.

Hair transplant is also called hair restoration or hair implantation. In hair transplant surgery healthy grafts of hair follicles are transplanted into balding or thinning areas. Hair transplant cost approximately $5,000 to $20,000, and additional costs are associated with complications if any arise. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies will not cover hair transplant cost. There are many variables in the cost of hair transplant surgery; type of operative procedures such as Follicular Unit Transplantation versus Strip Harvesting, how many grafts, number of sessions, screening tests, geographic location, and length of postoperative care.

*The photos shown are Dallas non-surgical hair replacement for men and women, not hair transplants. 

Cost To Recover From Hair Transplants

DFW Medical Laser Hair Restoration For Men and Women in Dallas, Texas Extra costs associated with laser hair therapy if needed after surgery are unlikely to be covered by Medicare or private health insurance. Additional costs that you should take into account include pain medication, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. If you experience any complications, can be a source of additional expense, including the costs for drugs and doctor visits following the surgery.

Procedure fees vary from one hair transplant surgeon to another. Higher rates do not always mean a better-skilled surgeon. Do your research carefully and check real people outcome. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) ​​​Hair Transplantation Surgery Cost

Use of a FUT hair transplant surgery can improve the precision, accuracy, and reproducing of a natural hairline, potentially reducing risks and enhancing visual outcomes of the hair restoration surgery. FUT is harvesting follicular unit in groupings of 1 to 4 hairs. It is one of the safest and efficient, with predictable results. It is highly dependent on surgeon skill, volume, and experience. 

Hair transplant surgeons who use FUT technology say that cost varies according to how much hair is needed to be transplanted. Therefore the more accurate visual outcomes are discussed upfront, the better is the understanding of the cost.

Preoperative Exam and Consultation

To decide if hair transplant surgery is the best choice for you, ask your surgeon for more information about future hair transplantation sessions if needed, during your preoperative exam and consultation. Hair transplants new technology is very efficient and successful. However, people who do not want to invest significant out-of-pocket sums of money can still feel confident about the new technological advances in non-surgical hair replacement systems. 

  • The average price of hair transplant surgery is $4,000 - $10,000
  • The average cost per graft is $3 - $7.50
  • The average number of grafts per surgery is 500 - 3,000

Alternatives To Hair Transplants

Alternatives To Hair Transplants Dallas no surgery hair restoration in DFW, TexasHair transplant cost more than conventional non-surgical hair replacement system options. For thinning crown and receding area, hair transplantation is a viable option. However, you should postpone the surgery while hair fall is still in process. Instead of just waiting for all the hair that has to fall out falls out, get laser hair therapy to stop hair loss. According to Dr. Armani, a man should fully finish losing all of his hair before doing hair transplant surgery. It is a risky procedure for younger men who may continue to lose hair for many years.

If you have the funds and decide you want to invest in hair restoration, take some time to do your research. In most cases hair consultation is complimentary. Discuss the benefits, potential risks, and real costs of some of the options in your meeting. 

Are you a candidate for medical hair transplant or is your solution is best served with laser hair therapy? Other hair loss solutions options available to you in the market today include non-medical hair replacement, wigs, laser hair growth therapy, DHT inhibitors and more. What is best hair loss solution for your case? 

Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas hair loss treatment specialist offers patients medical laser hair regrowth therapy, non-surgical hair replacement in Dallas & DFW. The best way to get all your hair loss questions answered is to schedule a no-obligation evaluation with Nu Hair of Dallas Fort Worth Texas or Transitions professional hair loss clinic near you. It's private and confidential.​ Please contact us and ask for your HAIR CONSULTATION

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Hair Transplant Questions & Answers

Are you a candidate for hair transplant DFW hair restoration Nu Hair Dallas


Dallas Texas renowned hair restoration specialist has this suggestion, "Hair transplant procedure is a surgical hair restoration and requires expert surgeons with vast experience." The hair restoration surgery should be customized based on hair type, general health, age, the degree of hair loss and overall patient expectations. "Find a doctor that can create the most natural appearing results that are undetectable to even the keenest eye," said Marvin Friedman, Nu Hair of DFW Texas, hair restoration specialist in Dallas. 

(The photos shown here are non-surgical hair replacement solutions not hair transplant DFW, Texas).

Q: I am just starting to thin, when should l have my first hair transplant?

A: What's the youngest age you can get a hair transplant? It is best to wait until at least twenty-five before considering hair transplant surgery. It is best to wait until your progressive nature of balding has stopped. A hair transplant is not a hair loss prevention treatment.  Some hair loss in the temples is reasonable for a person in their mid- to late 20's as this represents the progression to a mature adult hairline. This is the time to meet your doctor for hair loss diagnosis and prevention. Medications or laser hair therapy may help. 

Q: Can I get my youthful hair density back with a hair transplant? DFW, TX

Dallas Hair Restoration For Men No Surgery in DFW, TXA: Can hair transplants improve the density of areas with thin hair? Hair transplant only “moves” (transplanted) rather than creates new hair. A limited amount of hair from the donor area is transplanted to a larger space in the front and top of the scalp. To achieve around 1/3 to ½ of the original hair density in the front part of the scalp, it takes at least two or more sessions. A doctor examination by a hair transplant specialist is best here.

Q: Will hair transplant surgery shock my health hair which will result in the loss of my existing healthy hair?

A: What’s happening following your transplant? Following hair transplant surgery, there is aftershock hair loss. Patients may be losing hair rather than gaining it following the surgery. Around the second week following hair loss surgery, some hair shedding will be noticed. It is normal to experience the shedding of some newly transplanted hair grafts after any hair. The newly transplanted hair grafts begin to decrease in diameter and are weak already after the hair transplantation. Healthy hair is unlikely to fall off; the hair should grow back. The hair shedding is temporary, and the hair will grow back.

Q: Can hair transplant surgery be performed into scar tissue?

A: Having scarring around the front hairline, is a hair transplant viable? Yes, a hair transplant can be done into a scar area, and the hair will grow. However, hair transplanted grafts do not grow well in scarred tissue. The scar tissue is not as elastic as healthy tissue, so that area should not be transplanted as densely. Grafts do not grow well in thickened scars. It is difficult to achieve the density that matches the rest of the scalp. According to Dr. Bernstein, "With a FUT/strip procedure, we can remove all or part of the scar when we excise the donor strip." For implanting the grafts, he writes, "the scar will become harder to detect." He does not write that it is the same density as the rest of the hair transplanted area.

Q: Should I have a haircut before my hair transplant day?

A: Can you cut your hair before a hair transplant procedure? Always, check with your hair transplant surgeon first
In linear strip procedure, longer hair in the donor areas cover the sutures. A short close haircut may not hide the procedure for the duration of healing. In FUE procedure, the physician staff trims the hair, for a specific length 1-2mm, needed for FUE procedures. For the hair transplant surgeon, it is easier to work with shorter cut hair in the area to be transplanted. For better visibility, the procedure moves along faster. Please note that a shaved head makes performing the hair transplant more difficult. In a close or short haircut, the distribution, and angle of the original hair is easy to discern. The short hair allows the new grafts to be placed in a direction that follows the existing hair.

Q: Are cosmetic products harmful to a newly transplanted hair? Dallas, TX 

Men's Hair Replacement in Dallas, Texas Without SurgeryA: Is use of makeup products harmful to new hair grafts after a hair transplant? Cosmetic products may make it difficult to keep a newly transplanted area clean right after hair transplant surgery. After a week following hair transplant procedure, cosmetic products can be used to hide any redness or visible scarring. 

Q: Does very close insertion of grafts possible?

A: In a hair transplant, very close insertion of hair graft called dense packing has a risk. It could damage to the scalp and grafts might pop. Very tightly spaced grafts expose the grafts to lack of oxygen and trauma if re-insertion is needed. Only skilled hair transplant surgeon should determine if dense packing could be done.

Q: If I have several hair transplants sessions will I have multiple scars in the donor area?

A: It is possible to use the same scar area. It is a widespread practice to make a second separate scar in the second hair transplant procedure. Some surgeons use the old scar, and there will naturally be less hair. Virgin area with thickest, most stable hair density desired is at the ends of the first scar. The subsequent cut incorporates the first and extends the scar to the sides, as one edge of the new strip. 

Q: Is it possible to have a hair transplant that is entirely undetectable immediately following surgery?

A: It is possible only if your existing hair can cover the transplanted area. Wounds are small but will be detectable for the first week. Following the hair transplant procedure, the area is typically red with visible little scabs forming around the incisions. There may be some swelling and some crusting. Scabs fall off about ten days after the surgery. 

Q: Can hair be transplanted using someone else hair?

A: Hair transplant DFW, Texas expert says that a hair transplant between individuals can only be performed on identical twins, with the same genetics. Otherwise, the transplanted hair will be rejected. Unlike other organ transplants, you are the only one that can provide a donor hair grafts for your hair transplant.

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Dallas hair loss treatment clinic, Nu Hair of Texas offers nonsurgical hair restoration options in DFW area and worldwide Transitions affiliates. Nu Hair of TX is at the forefront of the Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration scene and is a top hair replacement provider with Transitions International Hair Restoration Group. We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. Take the first step right NOW! Please contact us and ask for your HAIR CONSULTATION

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Hair Transplant Follicular Technique

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As consumer’s appetite for surgical hair transplants procedures grow in the exploding cosmetic industry, the need for hair transplants information and education is important. (The photos shown here are non-surgical hair replacement solutions in Dallas, Texas).

About Follicular Hair Transplants 

For years, cosmetic surgery was done by obtaining donor hair using linear incision. Today there is a buzz about follicular unit use in hair transplants. Follicular unit is a group of 1 to 3 hair that grow naturally together, including glands, muscle, nerves and blood vessels. Today, the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is greatly extended.  It is a new method of obtaining donor hair for transplantation where individual hair units are plucked from one area, the donor area, using only 1 mm circular incision size, and then inserted directly in the balding area. 

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT still uses a final hair transplantation act of implanting single hair into the balding area, after it was plucked and dissected from a strip. Here the name is referring to the way the follicular grafts are obtained strip harvesting and dissection vs. direct extraction and implantation. Strip harvesting a strip of hair approximately 10 to 20 cm long is removed from the donor area (back of the head below the ears) and is then divided and cut into follicular units under a microscope.

FUE Hair Transplant Scaring

Women's hair restoration, non-surgical hair replacement for alopecia hair loss in Dallas Fort Worth, TexasFUE does not leave a linear scar but instead small incisions. Therefore, it is used for patients who want to wear their hair very short and those who have a very tight scalp. There is a shorter healing time since the incisions are so small. It is best used when a limited number of grafts are needed damage may occur due the large but small incisions to extract the hair follicles. Another problem may occur when epidermis and upper dermis may separate from the rest of the follicle during the pluck incision, called “capping.”  Another incision is needed for a new follicle.

Follicular Hair Transplant Technique - Dallas Fort Worth

FUE is less efficient in harvesting hair, since it is taken from several areas of the donor areas. In FUT, the strip is taken from the optimal section of the donor region so all the hair in this area can be removed and transplanted at once. In FUE, while hair is extracted, the skin between the follicular units is not removed. Therefore, the hair transplants surgeon must leave enough hair in the area to cover the remaining donor scalp. Consequently, there is considerably less total donor hair available. To compensate for the inability to harvest all the hair from the permanent zone, the surgeon may eventually be tempted to harvest hair from the upper and lower margins of the original donor area and risk the hair being of poor quality or being non-permanent. In FUE small hundreds or thousands of scars are left open to heal. This scarring distorts adjacent follicular units and makes subsequent sessions more difficult, this limits future donor supply.

Hair Restoration in Dallas, Texas

Nu Hair is Dallas Fort Worth most trusted hair restoration center. Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas hair loss treatment specialist offers patients medical laser hair regrowth therapynon-surgical hair replacement in Dallas & DFW. The best way to get all your hair loss questions answered is to schedule a no-obligation evaluation with Nu Hair of Dallas Fort Worth Texas or Transitions professional hair loss clinic near you. It's private and confidential.​ Please contact us and ask for your HAIR CONSULTATION

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Hair Restoration & Hair Transplants Use Rise

hair replacement hair restoration for men and women


Statistics of Hair Transplants Surgeries & Nonsurgical Hair Replacement is Rising - Dallas, Texas Report. In 2006, the baby boomers started to turn 60, and they are determined to stay young, beautiful and live forever using wigs and hairpieces, plastic surgeries such as hair transplant or Botox as the norm. Hair loss is becoming more prevalent. The Society for Hair Restoration Surgery published statistics that show an increasing trend in people’s interest in hair loss and treatments. According to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office, the baby boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964 and is now turning 60 years old. To this baby boomers life still, holds plenty of promise of “forever young.” There are an estimated 78.2 million of baby boomers in the USA, including presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. It is a significant percentage of the total US population of 298 million. On a daily basis, the number of people turning 60 each day in 2006 is 7,918 according to government census office projections. (The photos shown here are non-surgical hair replacement solutions in Dallas, Texas, not hair transplant).

Hair Loss, Hair Restoration, Hair Replacement Statistics

The number of surgical hair restoration procedures in the U.S. in 2014, is 112,409. The statistics show that hair transplants in 2014 was up 76% from 2006.

  • 84.7% of hair transplant surgical patients were men, and the rest (15.3%) were women.
  • Percent of women who will have noticeable hair loss by age 60 is 80 %
  • Percent of men who will have noticeable hair loss by age 60 is 65 %
  • Percent of hair loss sufferers who said they would rather have more hair than money or friends is 60 %

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Cosmetic Wigs and Hairpieces Use Is The Norm

Anti-aging, staying young and fit is the motto, as the use of cosmetic wigs and hairpieces, or medical hair restoration hair transplant surgery and Botox are the in fashion. People 60 years old today have an actual life expectancy of 82.3. This baby boomer generation expects that scientific advancements and genetic research will enable life past 100. This age has increased exposure to TV and celebrity and is looking for a pill cure to solve any and all health and fitness issues including hair loss. The cosmetic industry is exploding providing new cosmetic products and treatments to look young and fit instantly, including hair transplantation or body sculpting.  

Dallas hair restoration for female hair lossOne primary concern for this aging population is hair loss. Hair loss affects 80 million American men and women. In 2030, according to the Census Bureau’s projections; 54.9 percent would be female. That year, boomers would be between ages 66 and 84. Hair restoration product use is increasing as the increasing disposable income rise, also as the popularity of hair loss treatments rise. Old is a taboo for this baby boomer population. Nu Hair, a Texas hair replacement center has been serving the needs of hair loss solutions. Looking at a small glimpse of hair replacement products available at Nu Hair today one of which is Reallutions hair a nonsurgical hair replacement explicitly created for women’s hair loss providing freedom of unlimited hairstyles and fashion look.

Hair Loss is Aging 

Hair loss a significant aging look can be reversed with today’s many hair loss products available with ease. Cosmetic hair replacement surgical and nonsurgical hairpiece is very popular as anti-aging antipode for the generation that wants to stay perpetually young. With a broad range of hair type, colors and styles, hair pieces and Wig have never looked more fabulous. Natural look will be achieved with custom human hair piece by an expert professional such as Nu Hair of Texas.

“Hair Replacement” & “Hair Transplants”

According to Marvin Friedman, owner of Nu Hair of Texas, many people are using the terms “hair replacement” and “hair transplants” interchangeably, creating some confusion for consumers. “Hair replacement is used as hair loss treatment for hair pieces as well as for medical hair transplant, hair loss surgery. The two treatments are notable different” he said. Cosmetic hair loss treatments utilize hairpieces and wigs as non-surgical treatments. "We researched many types of hair loss treatments for women, studied many before and after pictures and continued to be amazed at the results patients are receiving after using Reallusions nonsurgical hair replacement." Marvin Friedman said, "We wanted to offer the female clients treatments that would provide them with the most dramatic anti-aging results, while not going through surgical procedures." It is essential to use professionals who specialize in hair replacement such as hairpiece and wig services offer many advantages unavailable at a conventional hair salon or wig retailer.

Get Hair Restoration Advice in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Nu Hair is Dallas Fort Worth most trusted hair restoration center. Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas hair loss treatment specialist offers patients medical laser hair regrowth therapynon-surgical hair replacement in Dallas & DFW. We are committed to helping you get your hair back. The best way to get all your hair loss questions answered is to schedule a "no pressure," no-obligation evaluation with Nu Hair of Dallas Fort Worth Texas or Transitions professional hair loss clinic near you. It's private and confidential.​ Please contact us and ask for your HAIR CONSULTATION

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