2022 Hair Loss Facts Data Statistics

How Many People Lose Their Hair in the US? Hair loss facts data: 64 million Americans suffer hair loss by age 30; by age 60, approximately 80% of women have hair loss & 65% of men.

Hair Loss in Men - male hair restoration in USA

Hair Loss Facts & Data

How Many People Lose Their Hair in the US? Hair loss facts data: 

  1. Sixty-four(64) million Americans out of the total population suffer hair loss by age 30; this means that 1 in 5 Americans are losing their hair.
  2. 66% of USA men (over 107 million) show thinning hair at age 35, 40% of women (over 66 million) see hair loss at age 40.  
  3. By age 60, approximately 80% of women have hair loss & 65% of men. 

Quick Facts; In 2020, the US population was at 331 million. Today, the male population is around 163 million and 166 million females in the US. In 2025, there will be 7.42 million more women than men, at approximately 51.1% of females of the total USA population.


Hair Loss Facts & Statistical %

  1. 40% of USA men show thinning hair at age 35
  2. Approximately 40% of men have visible hair loss at 60; 65 million men.
  3. 40% of women see hair loss at age 40; this is 66 million women
  4. About 80% of women show significant hair loss by age 60
  5. Another fact, today, combating hair loss is an estimated $1 billion-a-year industry. 
  6. By 2027, the number of hair transplants in the US will pass 231,720 surgeries.
  7. 87% of hair transplants surgeries patients are men
  8. The market for hair restoration treatments is $4.9 billion.
  9. The world market for hair loss treatments is projected to reach 11 billion dollars by 2027 
  10. In 2022 the US hair loss treatment manufacturing will be $3.4 billion.
  11. The global hair loss treatment market will be $3773.54 million by 2028.
  12. Wig and hairpiece market size in the USA will be $366 million in 2022
  13. Insurance providers typically cover 80.0% to 100.0% of the cost for medical wig cranial prostheses
  14. The world market of laser hair loss treatment will reach $318.4 million by 2026
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Women’s Hair Loss Statistics

How many women suffer from hair loss in the USA? Surprisingly, according to Cleveland Clinic, more than 51% of women in the USA have significant hair loss during their lifetime. Statistics estimate that approximately 40% of women have some level of hair thinning, reaching age 40. Indeed, losing hair is significantly more noticeable, where 40% of women will suffer hair thinning symptoms by 50. Also, in women, it is most likely after going through menopause. So, approximately 80 percent of women at age 60 suffer some degree of hair loss. The most prevalent cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss. This androgenic alopecia affects about 30 million women in the United States alone. According to the US Government, Androgenetic alopecia​, known as pattern baldness, is a frequent cause of hair falling in men and women.

Men’s Hair Loss Statistics

What is the percentage of bald men in the USA? According to the American Hair Loss Association, statistics estimate that approximately 66% of men have some level of thinning hair at age 35. Even more significant is that by 50 years of age, about 85 percent of men suffer consequential hair loss and balding. In addition, it can start as early as the teen years. Excessive baldness risk increases with age. Did you know that androgenetic alopecia cause 95% of hair loss in men? The most prevalent cause of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia, hereditary hair loss, or male-pattern hair loss. This androgenic alopecia affects about 25 percent of men losing hair in the United States alone. 

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More Hair Loss Facts

  • Hair loss is just as common in women as it is in men.
  • The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary thinning or baldness.
  • Baldness comes from both your mother and father’s genes
  • Diseases and medications can result in hair loss
  • Improper hair care can cause hair breakage and hair loss, such as perms, or coloring
  • Hairstyles that pull on the hair, such as ponytails and braids, may end in hair loss

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Hair Loss in Men - male hair restoration in USA

2022 Hair Loss Facts & Statistics

How Many People Lose Their Hair in the US? Hair loss facts data: 64 million Americans suffer hair loss by age 30; by age 60, approximately 80% of women have hair loss & 65% of men.

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