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Hair system Hairpiece Toupee in the News, a Dallas, TX Report

Today, the potential for news stories about hair systems, hairpieces, toupees written in the media is significant. “Someone has invented a waterproof toupee that looks just like real hair.” “A young British couple have designed a toupee that’s unlike any other conventional hair replacement.” “A massive hit online for a waterproof and durable hairpiece toupee that you could never tell apart from real hair.” “ESPN Columnist Nate Silver Loses His Toupee.” “The Dodgy Toupee trope as used in popular culture. The awful and often obvious toupee that adorns the head of a male character…” “Balding (Or Just Bald) Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces.” “Shatner’s toupee is a hair-raising pastime.”

Famous Celebrities Use Hair Systems, Hairpieces , Toupee

Many Hollywood celebrities use partial hairpieces or full wigs as coverage for their hair loss. Famous people change their wigs often to make a statement. We all remember Lady Gaga’s photo as she draws attention to herself with a huge wig and Katy Perry with a bright blue wig.

In June 2006, one such article reported that the Manhattan auction was one of the pop art icons of Andy Warhol’s hairpiece that sold for $10,800 at an auction in New York. A trademark silver hairpiece fetched such exuberated price is newsworthy. The hairpiece and his strips of toupee tape applied to the inside were also sold. Andy Warhol wore the hairpiece in the 1980s. Warhol first wore wigs in the 1960s to cover up baldness and later as a fashion statement. The hair systems, wig’s pre-sale estimate was between $4000 and $6000.

Hair Systems, Men’s Hair Systems

Another story in The Patriot-News dated Sept 2004 and the heading was “Man pleads guilty to snatching hair replacement system, hairpiece.” The Judge sentenced him to probation for snatching the hairpiece along with a gold chain. His sentence was not a light one. He was convicted to 23 months probation, fined $500, and ordered to write a letter of apology to the victim. The court found the rubbing of the gold chain as crucial as the humiliation of embarrassing the person wearing a hairpiece, in addition to stealing the hairpiece crime.

Kylie Jenner is known for playing around with her and her wigs. When she showed up with pink hair, she said it was an accident of coloring the hair. She claimed she was the one that made wigs’ happen,’ but with her vast collection, she certainly brought them back into fashion. In 2016, her brilliant silver, icy hair look accent her dark eyebrows.

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