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Texas Hair Transplants – hair transplantation surgery, including cost, risks, and what to expect

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*Photos shown are of non-medical hair restoration,  hair replacement systems for men, not hair transplants.

Texas Hair Transplants

What is a hair transplant? DFW, TX guide to hair transplants to new hair regrowth. Surgical hair transplants in Dallas are medical hair restoration treatments to restore hair regrowth. The doctor restores hair by moving hair follicle grafts from a dense area of hair to a balding area. Hair restoration surgery done by a Dallas Texas expert surgeon should improve your appearance. However, regrowth of hair results may not necessarily measure to your expectations. Surgical hair restoration is best suited for hair loss patients in the early stages of hair thinning. Therefore, talk to your doctor and find out what to expect with your hair transplant results. Above all, whether you’re the right candidate for this type of hair restoration with an ample area of donor’s hair to proceed with the surgery.

Hair Transplants DFW

For choosing the best hair transplant surgeon in Dallas, DFW, Texas, meet your doctor in advance of any commitment. In your first visit to the hair restoration clinic, ask what type of hair transplant technology the surgeon uses. For example, a Dallas, Texas hair restoration clinic uses NeoGraft hair restoration technology to restore hair. Importantly, discuss your expectations with your medical surgeon, who will perform the hair transplant surgery. To clarify, hair transplant candidates must have healthy hair growth at the head and sides of the head to serve as donor areas for the follicles grafts hair transplantation. The medical surgeon will use your dense area to harvest healthy plugs of hair graft. “Note that if you have been diagnosed with alopecia areata, you are not a candidate for hair transplants,” said Marvin Friedman, a hair restoration specialist in Dallas.

If you have the more typical age-related baldness pattern, your hair loss tends to worsen over time. As the hair loss progresses, you will need to repeat the hair restoration surgery. Hair transplantation surgery may involve additional out-of-pocket costs. Be sure to ask about all your concerns during your consultation before the first hair transplantation surgery.

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Medical Hair Restoration

Medical Solutions to Hair Loss Problem

Hair Transplants FUT Technique

The FUT hair transplantation technology that brought new levels of safety, accuracy, and predictability to hair transplant surgery is also advancing the hair restoration procedure. We call the method Follicular unit transplant (FUT), but it also is known as follicular unit hair transplant surgery. In hair transplant surgery, thousands of grafts moved in a single session. The latest FUT advanced technology replaces the older larger graft plugs, for a more natural look.

Today's Hair Transplants

Today, most medical hair transplant surgeons use “follicular unit transplantation”- in groups of 1, 2, 3 of hair for a more natural appearance. The surgeon takes strips of hair, including skin and roots, from the donor area of the back and sides of the head to the balding areas. A piece of scalp tissue, 1/2″ to 1″ wide and 4-5″ long, is removed from the donor area. The surgeon stitches the open-cut together so that it can heal. Assistance divides the strip of scalp tissue with the hair into individual grafts containing 1-2 hair, called micrografts, or follicular units. Thousands of such grafts are needed to cover a small area of the hair transplants.

Am I a Good Candidate For Surgical Hair Transplant?

According to Dallas hair transplant doctors, you are an excellent candidate for hair transplants if you are in the beginning stages of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness and have thick hair in the donor area. People with the sizeable bald area should not attempt to do surgical hair transplant procedures as hair treatments for hair loss. Note that if you have diagnosed with alopecia areata, you are not a candidate for hair transplants.

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What Problems Are Associated With Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant presents several problems as natural hair loss continues its progression after the operation, and no one can stop hair loss It’s the natural progression of male pattern baldness. The newly transplanted hair might fall out too. Be aware of a slight potential risk of bleeding, scarring, or infection. Also, the results can be disappointing, if the hair is thin, there is a noticeable hairline of the implanted hair, wild hair in the crown area, or a fuzzy re-growth.

Are There Surgical Procedures Other Than Hair Transplants?

In addition to hair transplants, there are other surgical hair restoration procedures called scalp reduction or flaps surgery. This surgical hair restoration treatment involves taking the skin with the hair and pulling it together to cover the balding area. The results are not attractive, and hair replacement or wig will be a necessity to cover it.

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