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Hairpiece Hair System Attachment DFW

Hairpiece Hair System Attachments DFW, TX

Wigs, hairpiece, and hair system attachment Dallas-Fort Worth guide. What attachment is best for my hairpiece, toupee, hair system, or a wig? Nu Hair Replacement expert in Dallas says, “some hairpiece or hair system attachments are permanent for several weeks with the use of medical adhesives, bonding, or integration.” In a non-permanent attachment, we can use adhesive tape. We replace the tape as needed or every few days. 

For both daily and a few days wear tape adhesive explicitly made for hairpiece can be used. At Nu Hair, experts use advanced long-lasting bonding attachment to get you started back on your fitness track. Powerful features to keep you healthy and safe. Hair systems starting at just $900. 

Bonding, Fusion Hairpiece Hair System Attachment 

Men's hair restoration Texas hair replacement system in Dallas DFW

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Bonding, also called fusion, is the use of medical adhesives to attach the added hair system, hairpiece around the perimeters to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Reapplication of the process is done between four to six weeks, as often as getting haircuts.

Bonding adhesives are applied using either a brush, dab on or squeeze applicator. It requires precise timing for the glue to dry before attaching the hair system to the scalp. A skilled expert hand applies the liquid so as not to have spillover on the hair or a glue seeping under the base. Some use both the clear tape and the medical adhesive on the hairpieces.

What bonding agent should we use? We look at each person’s scalp condition, and the individual hair system makes before we recommend what bonding agent to use on the hairpiece attachment.

Tape Adhesive Hair System Attachment

Pressure Sensitive Clips Attachment

Small size metal clips that bend in one direction to open, and close in the other direction. Sometimes we use them for in clip-in hair extensions or hairpieces. They are small in size about one inch in length and lightweight. 

An essential part of hair system attachment is a proper scalp preparation. Dallas Texas, Nu Hair Center suggestion for hair system attachment is to use the services of a right hair replacement center. You will have the assurance of a clean scalp & hair, and a stronger, longer-lasting hair system or hairpiece attachment.

The hair system should be colored monthly to match the person’s hair & prevent off-color screaming “toupee.” Nu Hair of TX is at the forefront of the Dallas hair restoration scene and is a top hair replacement provider with Transitions International Hair Restoration Group.

Men's Hair Replacement Hair System Attachments DFW, TX

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At Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas, we help our clients with their hair loss. We specialize in human hair wigs, men’s hairpieces, and unique nonsurgical hair replacements to cover any level of hair loss. Get the look you want with our high-quality wigs and nonsurgical hair replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

Nu Hair of TX is Hair Replacement System Specialist in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas Nu Hair of Texas hairstylists will cut & style your human hair wigs and hair replacement. Find quality hair replacement system in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas center. It’s In North Dallas, just off Preston Rd and 635 Freeway, close to Addison, Allen, Frisco, Plano Richardson area. Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your confidential hair loss evaluation in a private setting and without any sales pressure. Experience life with Nu Hair. Contact us.