Male Pattern Baldness

Men’s hair loss and male pattern baldness symptoms  and hair loss treatments

Men's Hair Loss - Male Pattern Baldness

What is male pattern baldness?

Dallas, TX hair loss specialist Marvin Friedman, has been dealing with male hair loss in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1986. His expertise is a non-surgical hair replacement and medical laser hair growth treatments. Male pattern baldness is also called Androgenic alopecia in men. Men’s pattern baldness is a hereditary hair loss condition, which causes damage to scalp hair or baldness in men. It is related to your genes and male sex hormones.

If you are healthy and you begin losing hair, then your hair loss condition may be hereditary. Hair loss in men risk increases with age, with 40% of men showing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, and more than 50 percent of males over 50 experience some degree of hair loss.

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Symptoms of men's pattern baldness

The typical pattern of hair loss in men differs from women. Receding hairline from the lateral sides of the forehead is characteristic of male-pattern hair loss. In women, the hair thins out all over the scalp, but the frontal hairline stays the same but thinner. There may be moderate female hair loss on the crown of the head, rarely progressing to total baldness as it may in men. With men’s pattern hair loss, men notice a reduction in the hair around the forehead and the crown area.

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When does men's pattern hair loss begin?

Androgenetic alopecia varies from population to population based on genetic background. The Norwood Classification Scale shows the prevalence of mid-frontal hair loss increases with age. Receding hairlines and hair thinning on the crown are usually seen in males above the ages of 25 and affect 23% as they age in years.

Male-pattern baldness typically begins between the ages of 20 to 45 when testosterone increases, causing hair loss. Testosterone, a hormone that is present in high levels in males after puberty, is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reducer. DHT is a potent hormone, body, and facial hair growth promoter that can adversely affect healthy hair growth. In men, as they age, DHT slows down the hair growth cycle. It weakens and causes the hair follicle to shrink & hair growth gradually decreases hair volume to complete baldness.

Male hair loss when to contact a medical professional?

Did you know if you see rapid hair fall, losing hair in patches, you should see a medical professional? See your doctor if your hair fall occurs with itching or skin irritation. First, check with your family doctor or internist. A dermatologist will treat skin infections that cause hair loss. It may be necessary for you to see an endocrinologist for hormone imbalances, namely androgens. A doctor can offer medical treatment to improve the hair loss condition. Take the first step right NOW!

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