Men's Hair Loss

Hair loss in men, male alopecia causes & treatments: men’s hair loss or baldness are medical conditions as abnormal hair falls out. US doctors differ in hair loss treatments & prevention. Treating men’s hair thinning starts with medical hair growth therapy, Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration specialist says. Read more on *Male hair loss *Symptoms *Causes *Health & hair loss *Dermatology *Medication *Stress *Diagnosis & treatments
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Male Hair Loss

Hair loss (alopecia) in men symptoms & causes

Hair loss in men

If you are experiencing baldness or thinning hair, you are not alone. Many men experience hair loss and male pattern baldness in the USA. The American Hair Loss Association study shows that over 66% of men will experience hair loss by thirty-five. About 85% of men have drastically thinner hair by the time they reach fifty years old. Male hair loss starts at some point in the twenties, and in most cases, it takes 15-25 years to have a large area of baldness.

The growing problem of men losing hair

About 70% of men lose hair as they age. And 25% of bald men see first signs of hair loss before age 21. By age 50, half of the global population of men experience hair loss. In a study of balding men ages 18-49, hair loss increased with aging from 16% for 18-29 years of age to 53% of men 40-49.

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Men's Hair Loss Symptoms

The unexpected loss of hair

Male hair loss progress to various degrees of baldness. Male hair loss typically begins with the crown and front hairline and develops a balding area. While others develop hair loss by showing thinning hair all around the scalp. Some individuals have complete hair loss or total baldness within a short time.

The telogen effluvium stage is when a large percentage of scalp hair is in the “shedding” phase. Genetics plays a significant role in hair loss in men. Androgenic Alopecia – male pattern baldness is genetic. 

To clarify, we use several names for male hair loss:

  • Male hair loss
  • Men’s Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Male pattern baldness
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Men Hair Replacement System No Surgery Hair Restoration Dallas TX
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Male Hair Loss Causes

Common causes of hair falling out in men

  • Androgenetic Alopecia, male pattern baldness, genetics
  • Thyroid gland abnormalities
  • Severe illness or major surgery
  • The immune problem, i.e., Alopecia Areata, Lupus
  • Tinea Capitis – fungal infection called scalp ringworm
  • Stress-related hair loss
  • Fast weight loss
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Medications
  • Anagen effluvium is nonscarring Alopecia commonly associated with chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Hairstyling & over-processed hair

Men’s androgenetic alopecia, pattern baldness

Men’s hair loss, male pattern baldness, or androgenic is hereditary because of high levels of androgens. In men, male pattern baldness, also called Androgenic Alopecia, is a genetic hair loss condition that causes hair thinning or baldness in about 50 million men in the USA. In men pattern hair loss is part of aging and genetic traits, with 40% of men showing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, and more than 50 percent of males over 50 experience some degree of hair loss. The typical pattern of hair loss in men is receding hairline from the lateral sides of the forehead, and the crown area is characteristic. The Norwood Classification Scale shows the prevalence of mid-frontal hair loss increases with age.

It is most likely affected by male hormones called testosterone. The follicles shut down in response to DHT, a by-product of testosterone. “As a result, over time, an excess build-up of DHT in the follicle causes it to begin shrinking, which in turn alters the natural resting and growth phases of the hair,” says Reed, clinical associate professor of dermatology at NYU Medical Center.

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Health & hair thinning in men?

Medical health cause to men's hair falling out

Health, Steroid & Men’s Hair Loss

Most importantly, using steroids may jeopardize one’s health. Subsequently, the side effects of steroids can cause men’s hair loss. For instance, long-lasting side effects include premature balding or thinning hair, dizziness, depression, aggression, or hallucinations. Likewise, sleep problems, nausea, high blood pressure, aching joints, liver damage, urinary problems, and increased risk of strokes may arise.

Scalp Condition

Dermatological cause & symptoms of losing hair

Ringworm of the scalp is a fungal infection affecting the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Furthermore, skin cancer can directly destroy hair follicles. Conditions like lupus and fungal infections of the scalp, such as eczema, may cause hair loss.

Indeed, improper hair styling scarring alopecia occurs in African-American men due to persistent tight braiding of hair, inflammation of hair follicles, and subsequent scarring. Importantly, chemical hair treatments, done improperly, such as perms and hair straightening, may cause hair loss due to hair root damage.

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Medical hair loss causes

Losing hair trigger

Medical causes to losing hair

Some illnesses may lead to thinning hair, including circulatory disorders and arthritis. Others that can cause hair loss are thyroid disease, overactive or underactive thyroid gland, syphilis, and even high fever. Medical illness alopecia areata is a nonlife-threatening hair loss medical condition in men and women. It causes hair to fall out in clumps and causes bald spots, which may progress to complete hair loss. 

In addition, rapid hair loss is one of thyroid problems symptoms, with large amounts of hair falling out in the shower or sink. The hair’s texture is dry, coarse, or easily tangled, and an itchy scalp may occur. Hair loss can also be a side effect of thyroid medications.

Losing Hair from medications

Medication side effect & hair falling out

Prescription drugs, chemo, and radiation therapy cause hair to fall out. Medications, such as blood pressure drugs, intake of blood-thinner medicines, and Beta-Blockers for depression can be why hair falls out. Also, Naproxen Sodium (Nuprin) and others may initiate temporary hair shedding. Likewise, excessive iron or vitamin A intake is toxic and can cause hair loss.


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Balding men & self-image

Balding stress

Baldness connotes our image-driven society’s unattractiveness, physical weakness, or old age. Low self-esteem and feelings of vulnerability stem from an individual’s perception of a beautiful body image. Studies reveal that handsome, healthy, and attractive are related to a person with a full head of hair. Indeed, research show employment discrimination is based on a person’s appearance. People with hair loss do not get job opportunities in many companies that promote a youthful image and strength. They worry that others are looking at their thin or balding hair.

The balding effect on men

Single men and women who had begun losing hair in their early twenties are more likely to suffer emotionally, being less attractive than others by looking older than their actual age. Balding men reported glancing in the mirror constantly and wearing hats even in warm weather. They feel frustrated and helpless about their hair loss and worry about others’ thoughts.

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Treating male hair loss

Losing hair? When to see a doctor?

You should see a medical professional if you see rapid hair loss, hair clumps in a shower and brush, or hair loss in patches. Dermatologists can diagnose if you are experiencing male pattern hair loss due to aging. A sudden hair loss can signal an underlying medical condition. Let your family doctor make a complete diagnosis, including your thyroid condition. Thinning hair is just one of the many symptoms that may suggest a low or hypothyroid disease.

Medical diagnosis, prevention & treatment

Indeed, a dermatologist can help you get an early start and a chance to grow new hair again. “If you see an abnormal rate of hair fall, start controlling it with treatments as soon as possible,” says the Dallas hair restoration specialist. Most common is treating Alopecia with medical hair regrowth therapy, laser treatments, or hair growth medications.

Nonsurgical treatment options male hair loss 

Hair systems and wigs are the most common hair restoration solution, especially for total or a sizeable bald area of the scalp. Notably, the FDA has cleared a new medical laser device, the MEP-90 laser, to treat thinning hair. Dermatologists use this laser to treat men’s hair loss as a hair growth treatment. Under FDA supervision, our MEp90 laser clinical data has proven measurable hair growth results.

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