Non Surgical Hair Replacement Vs Hair Extensions 10 Pros/Cons
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Non surgical hair replacement system & hair extensions pros & cons, Dallas TX guide; Is hair extension, hair replacement system, or wig a better choice?

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Non Surgical Hair Replacement & Extensions

What are the non surgical hair addition options? If you have hair loss, there are options such as  non surgical hair replacement, hair extensions, or a full wig. Further, each of these has many differences and options to sort through. As a result, this article may help you choose the type of hair addition you may want to use. Nonsurgical hair replacement is often called hair system, hair piece, topper, toupee etc.

Hair Systems & Extensions Similarities

  • Both hair replacement systems and extensions add hair density for women suffering hair loss. 
  • Hairpiece systems and extensions come in 100% human hair or synthetic. 
  • Human hair is preferable as it has a soft, silky texture. Synthetic hair doesn’t blend well with your natural hair, is more prone to tangling, and can’t be used with hot hairstyling products. 
  • However, synthetic hair is more affordable than a human hair product. 
  • With either hair addition, you can swim or play sports easily. 

What hair addition should I get hair extensions, a nonsurgical hair system, or a wig? Indeed, all these hair additions add density, but they differ in attachment methods and product design. 

Hair Extensions Pros & Cons

Many women love adding hair extensions because they can instantly make their hair longer or thicker and increase volume. Attachment methods may include clips, tape, rings, glue, or wax. For example, a bonding polymer glue method is undetectable and molds the extensions to a client’s existing hair. 

  • Extensions add a small number of grouped strings of mane. 
  • These are attached to one’s hair at the back of the head.
  • They add length and thickness to your total hair look. 
  • Most extensions come in a wide variety of lengths and colors. 
  • Attachments take a few hours of a tedious job.
  • The weight of the added hair adds stress to your natural hair’s roots. Hair breakage and hair loss may occur due to weight and attachment methods. 
  • Avoid wearing them too long or tight to avoid traction alopecia hair loss.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Pros

  • A non surgical hair replacement system option can provide scalp coverage from the forehead back. 
  • Hair is on a base with hair density desired on any balding or hair loss area.
  • You can get stylish hair designs like the pompadour or a fade look. 
  • There are no side effects.
  • The process is more comfortable to perform than the extension procedures. 
  • A clip-in piece uses 4 to 6 clips around the base parameter to attach to the person’s hair. It provides the option to wear it when you need it. 
  • Semi-permanent adhesion uses a fusion method to attach it to one’s scalp at the base, making it much more “hair friendly.” 
  • Above all, this hair addition can add volume and length within 45 minutes compared to hours of attaching single extension, one string at a time. 
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Texas Hair Extensions Cost

Average Hair Extensions Cost in DFW, Texas. The cost of clip-in hair extensions averages between $200 to $500, and Fusion extensions prices start at $1,200 to $6000.

Hair extensions at a professional salon typically cost $1200 to $3600, depending on the hair type, length, and attachment. Meanwhile, the price can cost more than $6,000 for long virgin hair and long hair length.

Because it’s more than just the initial product investment, hair coloring, cut, style costs, and other considerations are part of choosing hair extensions or replacement.

Moreover, consider the face shape, hair type, and lifestyle of the client using the hair addition. Similarly, will the hair extension be washed and styled with blow dryers, curling, or flat irons at home or in a salon? Every hair salon and stylist has value relating to their work input and used products.

Hair Loss Treatment Best Human Hair Wig or Synthetic Wig Dallas TX

Reallusions® Hair 

Reallusions® Hair Replacement is for Women’s Hair Loss. There is always the need to consider comfort when it comes to hair replacement.

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Best Non Surgical Treatments

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