Human Hair Wigs

Nu Hair offers human hair wigs of the highest quality and natural-looking style in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Our hair extensions, hair replacement, hairpieces & wigs are 100% human hair. DFW best human hair wigs.

Female Hair Restoration Solutions for Hair Loss Dallas-Fort Worth
Female Hair Restoration Solutions for Hair Loss Dallas-Fort Worth

*Photos shown are non-medical hair replacement, wigs, hair extensions, or laser hair growth results for women’s hair loss.

Natural Human Hair Wigs DFW

Natural Human Hair Wigs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
Realistic natural scalp appearance is most desirable in wigs for a very natural look. Dallas TX renowned wig expert has this suggestion: “A good natural human hair wig made to your specification should give the most natural hairline.”

These natural human hair wigs come in short, medium, and long lengths. Some hair additions have a lace front or lace top; others may use monofilament scalloped front for an undetectable hairline. Handmade custom human hair wigs can part in different places on your head. And this can make it easier to wear hair accessories. Do expect to pay more for handmade custom-made wigs than machine-made.

At Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas, we help our clients with their hair loss. We specialize in human hair wigs, partial hairpieces, and unique nonsurgical hair replacements to cover any hair loss level. Get the look you want with our high-quality wigs.

Best Human Hair Wigs in Dallas-Fort Worth

Custom Wigs

Custom wig order takes 6-8 weeks to fill. In most cases, a 50% deposit is required for your first consultation and measurement session to begin creating your custom wig. The specialist will measure your head along with hair color, texture. Nu Hair and affiliate wigs centers will be doing the necessary measurements and note-taking of your hair, scalp design, and any additional information needed to produce the best wig made specifically for you.

Some insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of your wig. Begin your order as you start to lose your hair since custom wigs take 6-8 weeks. Hence, start with a simple style wig. Only it will be easier to maintain. For chemotherapy, a full wig is necessary since, in most likelihood, all your hair will fall out.

Wig Construction

What base should you get? Our experience Dallas, Fort Worth wigs specialist, will help you with the vast array of choices. Lace front or monofilament wigs work for different people’s needs. All our wigs are hand-tied for the most natural look paired with ultimate styling versatility.

A lace front wig is perfect for the realistic-looking hairline. Monofilament is a thin, sheer skin color to show through the scalp for a natural-looking hairline.

Our Dallas hair restoration center offers several types of base construction, each with various benefits. Every wig base has unique features to suit your individualized needs.

Wigs & Hair

Dallas wig experts with years of styling experience will help you choose the best wig for you. We will guide you for the right type of hair wave, from tight curly hair, slightly wavy hair to straight hair wigs.

Whether you are looking for short hair to beautiful long hair wigs or the perfect bob look, we’ll get it for you. From 100% real human hair to synthetic hair, we will select the fiber that looks and feel the very best for you!

Dallas Best Wig

We offer the best wigs from the best wig producers and latest wigs hairstyles & design. Only at Nu Hair in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas, will you find help to choose the perfect wig for you. Our Dallas hair replacement center takes pride in offering you the most beautiful high-quality wigs from the best manufacturers and brands, at the most affordable prices. We have wigs and hair replacement to suit every face shape and personal style. So you’ll be sure to find the hair that’s just right for you!

Reallusions Wigs So Natural Looking in DFW

Reallusions, top of the line custom wigs, are of human hair, which is of the highest quality European hair. The hair’s cuticle is left intact to provide lasting color. The result is a thin, flesh-like silicone base that provides an airy feather-light weight for our custom wigs. The hair is implanted root-end first into the base using a unique implantation technique involving natural angle growth pattern.

This technique gives hair buoyancy and movement. Also, the result is a natural appearance and realism in both wet and dry conditions. These custom wigs are very comfortable, easy to care for, and are durable. DFW, Texas, including other Transitions Group hair loss treatment members, provides a service-based warranty to ensure long-term satisfaction.

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Female Hair Loss Treatments DFW Dallas TX

Experience life with Nu Hair

Another smart choice for hair loss solutions is Nu Hair replacement. Hair restoration system without hair transplant surgery. Single hair grafts to simulate healthy hair follicles. Natural, comfortable, and great looking hair.

Nu Hair of Texas Wig Shop

Nu Hair of Texas, is located in Dallas-Fort Worth. Its site is a leading hair shopping information source for wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces, or hair replacement. You can also purchase custom hairpieces or wigs with synthetic and human hair, including hair care products. Choose your perfect style, fit, and color.

We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your hair loss evaluation in a private setting and without any sales pressure.

Wig Shopping in Dallas, TX?

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see what their coverage will be. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers “cranial prosthesis.” Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem. By Appointment Only.

Wigs are the most common form of hair replacement, especially for those with total or substantial hair loss. Also, hairpieces are ideal for coverage over a sizeable bald area of the scalp. Notably, the FDA has cleared a new medical laser device, the MEP-90 laser. Dermatologists use this laser as hair growth treatment for women’s hair loss. Robust and healthy re-growth of hair also depends on the number of cells that are merely dormant versus those that have lost the ability to re-grow hair.

Our unique hair therapies incorporate the infused energy of laser with invigorating natural vitamins. Our MEP-90 laser clinical data under FDA supervision has proven measurable hair growth results.

Get Your Perfect Hair

We now offer REALLUSION© with beautiful hair. It ensures maximum comfort. Nu Hair of TX wig shop in Dallas is a specialty wig & hair replacement boutique. And it is located in Dallas, Texas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd.

Discover ways to get your beautiful hair back, and tips to optimize your wig and hairstyle. Receive an entire scalp and hair restoration assessment.

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