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Hair loss treatments for men & women’s alopecia. Treat your hair loss with the best nonsurgical hair restoration solutions design to replace baldness with ease. Restore your hair. Nu Hair of Texas is Dallas-DFW’s best hair loss treatment specialist, offers hair restoration treatment in Dallas-DFW since 1986. Solutions treatments for hair loss – hair replacement systems, medical alopecia wigs & medical laser hair growth therapy. 

Female Hair Restoration Hair Loss Treatment DFW Texas
Female Hair Replacement System, No Hair Transplants Surgeries.

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Show & tell balding signs? Nu Hair of Texas is a hair loss (alopecia) treatment center in Dallas-DFW. We are proud to be one of the USA’s oldest companies, offering hair replacement solutions with the highest quality and service rating. Get the best hair restoration treatments:

  • Medical laser hair growth therapy
  • Nonsurgical hair replacement systems and hairpieces
  • Medical wigs for hair loss

Our Texas hair restoration specialists in Dallas evaluate and design the best hair restoration solution for your needs. We are committed to helping you regain fuller, natural appearing hair and live carefree with confidence. After all, your hair should inspire a look of healthy living. It’s who you are and be a reflection of what you love.

Our Hair Restoration Results


Losing Hair

When losing hair becomes an issue for you, we can help. Our Texas hair restoration specialists in Dallas design the best hair restoration for your needs. Get individualized treatment recommendations by a hair replacement expert at Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas.

We will assess your hair loss treatment options and help you get your perfect hair look back. We are proud to be one of the USA’s oldest companies, offering hair loss solutions with the highest quality and service rating. 

Men's Hair Replacement Hair Restoration Dallas TX
Laser Hair Treatment Female Hair Loss Dallas

Regrow Your Hair Back

MEp90 Laser hair therapy treatment for hair loss is available in Dallas. A laser hair therapy device is a medical laser hair restoration for hair loss FDA approved. Laser hair growth treatment helps to stop hair loss. With the MEp90 laser, you have the power to bring your hair back to life.


Hair Replacement Systems

Restore your hair. Swim, shower, and play sport, with nonsurgical Nu Hair Replacements, hair extensions for men & women’s hair loss. You won’t find these anywhere else, our top-of-the-line European Hair Systems.

Medical Wigs

Shop best quality wigs for men & women’s hair loss. Wigs & hairpieces add hair density volume, fullness & hair length. Our Dallas hairstylists will cut and style to bring the best of your look. So you’ll always look in style without worrying about your hair.

Laser Hair Therapy

Take control of your hair loss & avoid balding looks. MEp90 laser hair treatments stop hair fall & regrow your hair back. Under FDA clinical study, this medical laser showed measurable hair growth.

*Photos are our Transitions members’ hair restoration results of nonsurgical hair replacement, wigs, hair extension systems, and laser hair therapy.


We customize nonsurgical hair replacement with adjustments as needed. We offer hairpieces and wigs from several manufacturers. Your hair system should fit with the correct size, hair density, and gray hair mixture according to your growing hair fast, easy, and secure. We’ll help you get the right nonsurgical hair restoration system for you with stunning results.

Firstly, we are hair restoration specialists, Transitions International Group, with over 60 hair loss centers worldwide! Secondly, as a group, we enjoy the distinction of having performed more surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures for individuals with hair loss than any other hair restoration group in the world! Moreover, Transitions centers are in Texas, Ohio, NY to California, Wisconsin to Florida, with locations in the USA & worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, and India.

Most importantly, we have the most advanced development in non-surgical hair systems, wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions. Our GUARANTEE to you is to be the BEST our profession has to offer. We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially. At our hair restoration center in Dallas, Texas, your consultation is private, and there is “no pressure,” no obligation. Take the first step right NOW!

Your Hair Restoration Should Stop the Balding Looks. Your Hair is Who You Are, so Be Stylish with hair You Love.



Men Hair Replacement System No Hairpiece Look Dallas TX

Hair Replacement System Hairpiece Toupee

Men’s Hair Replacement System Hairpieces Toupees are non-surgical hair solutions for men & women’s hair loss—review of men’s hair replacement system cost and best quality hair systems in the market. We approach non-surgical hair systems as a wide variety of hair loss products, including grandad’s hairpiece or toupee.

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How To Style Women's Wig Human Hair Wig

Style Women’s Wigs Video

HowTo style women’s wig video? Wig hairstyle and trendy haircut, women’s stylish fashion wig for hair loss with human hair in Dallas, Texas.

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Hair Stylist Job Dallas Salon Hair Restoration Job Training

Hair Stylist Job Dallas Salon

Hair stylist job is open in Dallas, TX. Dallas Nu Hair salon trains hairstylists professionals looking for a career in hair loss treatment of hair. We are now hiring a beautician for a hairdresser job. Salary, big tips, 401K, vacation & holidays pay, hairstylist career in Dallas.

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