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Nu Hair of Texas is DFW hair loss treatment specialist; no surgery hair replacement, medical wigs & hair growth therapy offered as best hair restoration Dallas Texas

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Nu Hair of Texas is the Best Hair Restoration Center in Dallas, Texas. To get the expert advice for your hair loss, contact our hair restoration Dallas Texas specialists, or Transitions Hair Replacement centers worldwide. Nu Hair experts will give you a realistic view to treating your hair loss, certainly with the attention that you deserve. We are proud to be one of the oldest companies in the USA, offering solutions for hair loss with the highest rating of quality service around.

According to a study by the American Hair Loss Association, over 66% of men will experience some form of noticeable thinning hair by the age of thirty-five. At the age of sixty, over 89% of women have thinning hair problem. Above all, we are continually working to bring a proactive approach to stop hair loss.

Whether you are just starting to experience some hair loss or are at the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum programs of hair loss treatments. Our Texas center for hair restoration in DFW, TX, we design each of our procedures for your needs.

Whether you are just starting to experience some hair loss or are at the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum programs of hair loss treatments. Our Texas center for hair restoration in DFW, TX, we design each of our procedures for your needs.

Female Hair Loss Hair Replacement DFW Texas

Choosing Hair Restoration

Choosing the right hair restoration helps emphasize the unique design of your face and describes your personality. Get hair loss expert advice at Nu Hair of Dallas TX. Find hair restoration solutions such as non-surgical hair replacement or hair growth laser therapy for hair loss in men or women.

  • Hair loss prevention & treatment.
  • Hair loss diagnosis
  • Nonsurgical hair replacement
  • Best medical wigs
  • Children's Alopecia wigs

Nu Hair is Dallas DFW hair loss specialist. Hair restoration offered: laser hair therapy, non-surgical hair replacement, and medical wigs.

DFW Man Hair Replacement Hair Restoration


Clients love us! Top rated hair restoration Dallas experts.

Human Hair Wig DFW TX

Hair Loss Help

Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas offers hair restoration & hair replacement solutions for hair loss. Find hair loss, baldness help in Dallas-DFW, Texas.

  • Help me, why is my hair falling out?
  • How much hair loss is average?
  • How to stop my hair from falling out?
  • What is pattern baldness?
  • Is it affordable with upfront pricing?

We are committed to helping you regain fuller, natural appearing hair and live carefree with confidence.

Regrow Your Hair Back

DFW MEP-90 Laser hair therapy treatment for hair loss. Laser hair growth. Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. 

  • Medical laser hair growth therapy
  • FDA studies showed hair growth in 98% of patients
  • Laser hair therapy treatments grow hair naturally
  • Healthy hair regrowth.

Dallas, laser hair therapy treatment, is laser hair restoration for hair loss FDA approved. In addition, laser treatment helps to stop hair loss.

Laser Hair Treatment Female Hair Loss Dallas
Natural Hair Replacement System
Swim & play sport
Restore Your Hair
Human Hair Wigs
Beautiful Hair
New Human Hair Wigs
Kids Medical Wigs
Alopecia Wigs
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We Specialize In...

Man Hair Replacement No Surgery Hair Restoration Dallas DFW

Hair Replacement

Dallas no surgery hair replacement systems. Texas best hair replacement systems for men & women's pattern baldness. Restore your hair today. Swim, shower, and play sport with confidence.

Medical Wigs DFW TX for Alopecia and Cancer Hair Loss Dallas Fort Worth

Medical Wigs

Best wigs human hair wigs in Dallas-DFW. Shop for best quality wigs for men and women’s hair loss. Your hair will look beautiful, sensual & complete with Nu Hair wigs in Dallas Texas.

Laser Hair Therapy Treatment Hair Growth Results Dallas DFW TX

Laser Hair Therapy

Stop hair loss & grow your hair back with MEe90 laser hair therapy treatment in Dallas. The laser hair therapy that is proven in clinical studies to promote measurable new hair growth.

Hair Extensions

100% human hair additions. Our hair addition enhances your unique face & lifestyle. Hairpiece, hair replacement, hair system, hair extensions add volume, fullness & hair length.


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We are dedicated to our clients and their hair

Best hair replacements in Dallas, Texas. Further, Nu Hair has the best quality wigs in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Shop for best quality hair restoration solutions for men and women’s hair loss. And, your hair will look beautiful, healthy head of hair. Your hair will get a beautiful shape cut and style.

Why should you choose Nu Hair of Texas?

We are a member of hair restoration specialists, Transitions International Group! As a group, we enjoy the distinction of having performed more surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures for individuals with hair loss than any other hair restoration group in the world!

Transitions Hair Restoration Group is a network of hair loss treatment centers around the world, with over 60 hair loss centers in Texas, Ohio, NY to California Wisconsin to Florida and the other hair loss clinics in USA & worldwide locations including Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, and India.

Nu Hair center features the most advanced development in hair replacements, and now offering the new FDA approved MEP-90 laser hair growth therapy. Regain fuller, and natural hair look to live carefree and confident. We guarantee it!

  • Personalized approach with customized hair treatment solution for each with adjustments to the treatment
  • We evaluate each treatment to determine if it is working for you.
  • Nu Hair Restoration in Texas is a recognized authority in the DFW area on hair restoration solutions that work.

The Hair You Want

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Personal details you can only get from Nu Hair of TX.

Our GUARANTEE to you is to be the BEST our profession has to offer. Nu Hair of Texas is at the forefront of the Dallas Fort Worth hair restoration scene and is a top hair replacement provider with Transitions International Hair Restoration Group of over 60 members worldwide. 

We are committed to helping you get your hair back quickly and confidentially, with the look and style you want. At our hair restoration center in Texas, your consultation is private, and there is “no pressure” no obligation. Take the first step right NOW!  Call 972 490 7766.  By Appointment Only.

Getting Started...

Life is easier with Nu Hair. Talk to a specialist to find the hair restoration solution that's right for you. Discover ways to get your beautiful hair back, and tips to optimize your hairstyle. Appointment required. 
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