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Best human hair wigs in Dallas, TX. Beautiful human hair wigs & premium hairpieces great for men & women’s hair loss Dallas, DFW, Texas. Nu Hair Texas is the ultimate hair wig salon in Dallas DFW offers the best human hair wigs & expert hairstylists in Dallas.

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Best Hair Wigs

Best Human Hair Wigs, Beautiful Wigs in Dallas, Texas

Quality Human Hair Wig

Indeed, there is a vast array of human hair wigs. Shop the premium human hair wigs in Dallas, TX, with top-quality human hair for men and women with hair loss. The beauty of human hair wigs is to achieve a natural look and a full range of styling options.

  1. Best hair wigs are human hair wigs for women with hair loss.
  2. Styles: human hair wig should be natural-looking & stylish.
  3. Best wigs are invisible transparent lace front wigs.
  4. Quality human hair: Get a good mane with a soft feel. 
  5. Lightweight and airy: Buy a breathable wig and easy to wear. The feather-light cap construction is a must.
  6. Wig cost – human hair wigs are the best choice but buy the highest quality you can afford.
  7. Wig care & service are needed to keep the beauty of your wig
  8. Use wig products specifically made for your human hair wig.

Human hair wigs

natural flowing hair

Benefits of Human Hair

Some human hair wigs and replacement systems have a lace front or top; others may use a scalloped monofilament front. And this can make it easier to wear hair accessories. Opt for high-quality hair from the best wig specialist in your area. Look for affordable human hair wigs with a natural hairline and a feel of natural hair flowing in a cool breeze. Whether you are looking for short hair, beautiful long hair wigs, or the perfect bob look, we’ll get it. From 100% natural human to synthetic hair, we will select the fiber that looks and feels the best for you! Indeed, it is essential to get the hair’s natural feel, weight, and movement to your liking.

  • More versatility than synthetic wigs
  • Style, cut, and color the hair like your own hair.
  • You can choose a hair texture similar to your natural hair.
  • The natural look of hair movement
  • Wigs with human hair require more styling, coloring, and conditioning than synthetic wigs.
Best Wigs Human Hair Wigs for Female Hair Loss in Dallas TX
*Photos are Nu Hair & Transitions members' hair restoration results of hair replacement systems, wigs, and laser hair therapy.
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Cost of High Quality Hair

How much does a human hair wig cost?

Human hair wigs average cost between $1500 and $6000. The higher the price expect a top-rated wig. Lace wigs cost more than some other wig types. These prices are somewhat higher because they are real hair wigs.

The question is it a worthwhile investment must be a factor for the individual’s budget. You pay a higher price if you love the look and feel of natural hair. It comes with the cost of maintaining human hair, but you can get styling versatility. They are more expensive than most synthetic fibers, but human hair wigs can last over a couple of years with the proper care. Natural hair movement is supple and is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair.

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Human Hair Wig Care

How often should you wash a human hair wig?

Keeping your wig’s hair clean is essential, but washing and styling the hair with a gentle touch. We recommend washing your human hair wig every couple of weeks. Avoid cleaning the hair every day. Each time you wash any hair addition, the lifespan of the hair and cap is shortened. However, wash your scalp hair often to help absorb scalp oils, keeping them away from the wig’s hair. Use properly washing, conditioning, and styling your human hair wig. Use hair care products designed for human hair wigs. Once a month, get a deep cleaning and styling service at a wig specialist salon for longevity. 

  • Keep your wig clean.
  • Avoid cleaning the wig’s hair every day. 
  • However, keep your scalp hair clean as often as needed.
  • Use gentle touch washing and styling the hair. 
  • Use proper cleaning and styling of your human hair wig. 
  • Use hair care products.
  • Use a wig specialist service salon for longevity.

Why choose Nu Hair wig in Dallas, Texas?

Nu Hair of Texas specializes in human hair wigs, partial hairpieces, and unique nonsurgical hair replacements to cover any hair loss level. We offer the premium and most beautiful high-quality wigs from the top wig producers to choose from with designs for a flawless, natural look. We help you select the perfect wig for you at the most affordable prices. So you’ll be sure to find the hair that’s just right for you!

  • Ultimate wigs, hairpieces, and hair systems in Dallas
  • Nu Hair has been in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1986. 
  • We service thousands of satisfied women, men, and children with natural-looking hair restoration. So the secret is kept hushed. 
  • No pressure wig consultation.

Nu Hair of Texas is a hair loss (alopecia) treatment center in Dallas-DFW. Nu Hair of Texas boutique is located in North Dallas, just off 635 FWY and Preston Rd. We are proud to be one of the USA’s oldest companies, offering hair replacement solutions with the highest quality and service rating. Get the best hair restoration treatments:

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Reallusions® Hair Wig


Reallusions hair wigs are of the highest quality European hair. The hair’s cuticle is left intact to provide lasting color. A thin base offers a light feather-light weight for our custom wigs. The hair was implanted into the unit’s base using a unique technique involving a natural angle growth pattern, which gives hair buoyancy and movement. Also, the result is a natural appearance and realism in wet and dry conditions. These wigs are very comfortable, easy to care for, and durable. 

  • Short hair to shoulder length hair wigs
  • Wig of 100% human hair
  • Single hair graft
  • Natural front hairline
  • Most realistic natural appearance
  • Design for a comfortable fit
  • Form-fitting design with style

With Nu Hair replacement or wig, you feel healthier, more active, and more connected to life.


Paying for Prosthesis

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see their coverage. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers “cranial prosthesis.” Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem. 

Our Texas hair restoration specialists in Dallas evaluate and design the best hair restoration for your needs. We are committed to helping you regain fuller, natural appearing hair and live carefree with confidence. After all, your hair should inspire a look of healthy living. It’s who you are and a reflection of your lifestyle.

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